On Our Blog: Ebola Response

The CDC Foundation is assisting CDC with their response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa by providing critical assistance and supplies through donations to the Foundation’s Global Disaster Response Fund, which enables CDC staff to respond quickly to changing circumstances and needs. Learn more about the response. View our blogs related to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa:

Sierra LeoneThe Last Patient: Countdown to an Ebola-Free Sierra Leone
8.27.15 | Charles Stokes


Ebola Call CenterCall Centers Accelerate Response to the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone
8.14.15 | Natalie Duggan


Road to ZeroThe Road to Zero
7.09.15 | Charles Stokes


Ebola: Zero CasesGetting to Zero Ebola Cases
6.24.15 | Charles Stokes


Ebola Free LiberaEbola-Free Liberia: A Tremendous Achievement
5.11.15 | Charles Stokes


StiveSierra Leone Vaccine Trial Highlights Public-Private Partnership Value
4.14.15 | Charles Stokes


Ending EbolaEnding Ebola: Challenges and Triumphs in West Africa
3.25.15 | Charles Stokes


Ebola LabCDC Lab is Small, but Important Outpost in Ebola War
2.18.15 | David Snyder


Social MobilizationSocial Mobilization Helps Turn the Tide in Sierra Leone
2.12.15 | David Snyder


The Paul G. Allen Family FoundationBuilding Beyond Ebola: Gabrielle Fitzgerald of The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
2.09.15 | Pierce Nelson


Liberia's VillagesUp Close and Personal in Liberia's Villages
1.27.15 | Pierce Nelson


Contact TracersContact Tracers Essential in Fight to Stop Ebola
1.22.15 | Pierce Nelson


Ebola ResponseLooking for Solutions When Your Worst Fears Are Confirmed
1.16.15 | Pierce Nelson


Ebola ResponseSeeing Progress on the Ground in West Africa: In Sierra Leone
1.14.15 | Charles Stokes


​​Ebola ResponseSeeing Progress on the Ground in West Africa: In Guinea
1.13.15 | Charles Stokes


Reliable Transportation - Ebola ResponseReliable Transportation Accelerates Response to the Ebola Outbreak
12.15.14 | Terri Heyns


​​Ebola ResponseDonor Funds Bolster West African Emergency Response
12.12.14 | Pierce Nelson


​​Ebola ResponseThe Power of Technology in West Africa
12.04.14 | Claire Greenwell


Africa UnitedAfrica United in the Fight Against Ebola
12.03.14 | Charles Stokes


Ebola ResponseThe Importance of Private Foundations in the Fight Against Ebola
11.17.14 | Claire Greenwell


Ebola ResponseBattle Against Ebola Far From Over in West Africa
11.14.14 | Charles Stokes


​​Ebola Response$25 Million from Mark Zuckerberg & Dr. Priscilla Chan Helps Fight Ebola
10.14.14 | Charles Stokes


Ebola ResponseEbola in U.S. is Reminder That Disease Knows No Boundaries
10.1.14 | Charles Stokes


ObamaA Global Threat and a Global Response
9.17.14 | Claire Greenwell


Ebola ResponsePaul G. Allen Family Foundation Contributes $9M to Ebola Response
9.12.14 | Charles Stokes


​​Ebola ResponseEbola Threatens Global Health Security: USA Today Op-Ed
9.5.14 | Claire Greenwell


​​Ebola ResponseRobert Wood Johnson Foundation Contributes $1M to Ebola Response
8.25.14 | Charlie Stokes


Ebola ResponseCDC Responds to the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
8.22.14 | Natalie Duggan


Ebola ResponseCDC Foundation Activates Fund for Ebola Outbreak
8.8.14 | Charlie Stokes