Planned and Legacy Gifts

Public health might be the greatest measure of kindness, the greatest measure of how to treat each other.

—Dr. William Foege, Epidemiology Intelligence Service Class of 1962 and Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from May 1977 to 1983 who led the successful eradication campaign of smallpox in the late 1970s.


This quote pays tribute to all the CDC Foundation donors who have invested in helping others. While the CDC Foundation works every day to make the world a healthier and safer place for all by extending and enhancing the impact of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we can only do this work because of you—our partners and donors.

The CDC Foundation has invested in the resources below to make it simple to leave a lasting legacy today by including the CDC Foundation in your estate plans.


How can we help you:

Create a legal will and legacy gift online, entirely for free

Learn more about the benefits of making a bequest

Include a provision in your will or trust to leave a specific dollar amount, percentage of your estate or the balance or residue after your heirs are taken care of

Learn more about beneficiary designations

Receive a free estate planning guide

Receive the CDC Foundation planned giving e-newsletter

Find a sample bequest and codicil language

Make a gift of stock or securities

Make an IRA qualified charitable distribution

Request a grant from your donor-advised fund (DAF)


Learn More about Planned Giving and Legacy Gifts


Healthy Futures Society

The Health Futures Society is an honorary society that recognizes individuals and families that have included the CDC Foundation in their will or other estate plans. The generosity and foresight of these donors to leave a lasting legacy enables the CDC Foundation to support the lifesaving work of CDC.

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