Our Communications Work

Promoting and Protecting the Public’s Health Through Communications

Communications plays an essential role in protecting the public’s health. Good communications can help us all better understand issues that impact our health as well as influence behaviors that can help us live our healthiest lives.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the public health system was challenged like never before in conveying rapid guidance while dealing with a new and evolving virus. Efforts were complicated by political divisions and the spread of misinformation. All of these challenges led to delayed care and amplified distrust in science, medicines, lifesaving cures and public health.


Why Communication Matters

Trust increases receptivity of individuals, employers, governmental agencies and organizations to follow public health guidance, which can improve health outcomes and bolster emergency response activities.

As an independent nonprofit organization, the CDC Foundation is working to elevate and extend public health messages, striving to increase trust so the U.S. public health system can develop and share guidance that will be acted upon by the public. Importantly, strengthening trust will also increase appreciation for public health at all levels, better positioning the public health community to protect us all, including within groups most at risk.


Resources and Examples of Our Impact