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Join the CDC Foundation, along with like-minded philanthropic organizations, private entities and individuals, in helping the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have greater impact protecting the health, safety and security of America and the world. Learn more about how your gift is making an impact.

Advance CDC’s Lifesaving Mission

The CDC Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization with specialized expertise in building partnerships between CDC and philanthropies, private entities and individuals to protect the health, safety and security of America and the world.
Over $2.2 billion raised to support lifesaving programs
Nearly80 countries with improved health and safety
About 140 programs across the globe
More than 1,400 diverse programs launched since 1995
Millions of lives impacted worldwide

Our partners value the CDC Foundation’s track record of transparency, integrity, stewardship and assurance of financial accountability. Each of our programs involves a talented team of experts at CDC and at least one outside funding partner.

Sometimes, a partnership begins at CDC with a scientist who has a great idea and wants to collaborate with an outside partner to go from concept to implementation. At other times, organizations in the private sector recognize they can better accomplish their own public health goals by working with CDC through the CDC Foundation. In either scenario, the CDC Foundation fills the gap between the private and government sector by facilitating dialogue, architecting partnerships that leverage cross-sector resources and sharing expertise gained from more than 25 years in the field building public-private partnerships.

Our partnerships help CDC launch new programs, expand existing programs that show promise and establish pilot projects to determine if health programs should be scaled up—none of which would be possible without external investments that complement government investments.





  • Explore: host a strategic convening, facilitate exploratory dialogue and proposal and budget development
  • Collaborate: partnership architecture, agreement negotiation and pre-launch activities
  • Drive excellence: launch initiative, manage the investment and evaluate and report on progress
  • Amplify impact: leverage lessons learned, enable CDC to take the program to scale and replicate successful models

Partnership Guidelines

Explore policies and guidelines governing partnerships and acceptance of gifts. Learn More

The CDC Foundation helps CDC pursue innovative ideas that might not be possible without the support of external partners.

  • We are experts in effective philanthropy and can bridge the gaps that can occur when the public and private sectors work together.
  • We leverage all parties’ strengths, working with CDC to implement programs to ensure accountability, transparency, timeliness and measurable goals and results.

The government has unique capacities as well as limitations. The same is true for the private and philanthropic sectors. Working together, we can match private resources with CDC’s world-class programming and expansive public health infrastructure with the speed and flexibility of the CDC Foundation to create greater impact than any of us can have alone.

Businesses, philanthropies and organizations find working with the CDC Foundation:

  • Accelerates and expands important health initiatives that align with their mission and work
  • Creates mutually beneficial collaborations with world-renowned CDC scientists
  • Simplifies the process of partnering with a complex federal agency
  • Ensures accountability and transparency

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For the seventeenth year in a row, the CDC Foundation received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.
Only 1 percent of charities rated have received 17 consecutive 4-star evaluations.

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Please note that the CDC Foundation is not a traditional grantmaking foundation. We are not an endowed foundation, and we do not accept unsolicited proposals. Information for grantseekers