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The Public Health Workforce of Tomorrow

Together our impact is greater. In this video from the American Public Health Association (APHA), current and future public health leaders look at some of the biggest challenges we need to address to build and support an innovative, diverse and effective workforce in the United States and abroad.


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Featured Stories

Breathing Easier: Air Quality Monitors Track Wildfire Smoke

Hotter, drier summers are giving rise to more wildfires and the health threats they pose. Here's how Montana is tackling the challenge.

Strengthening Community Relationships as the Foundation for Change

Cross-sector relationships are pivotal to ensuring the community is at the forefront of public health decisions. A systems change approach helps sustainably build these partnerships.

Kathy Bremer: A Public Service Expert Chooses the CDC Foundation

Through careers in journalism, public relations, nonprofit and executive search work, Kathy Bremer has combined her passions for public service, fostering connections and making a difference.

Repairing Equity and Transforming Community Health

By addressing root causes of health inequities, we can build meaningful, lasting systems change to create inclusive, equitable public health systems.

Detroit Team Helps Residents Prepare for Changing Climate

Deandra Smith, director of the AmeriCorps Climate R.E.A.D.Y. program at Wayne State University, and her team of 11 volunteers work in Detroit to help residents remedy flooding.