Community-Based Organizations

Making a Difference Where It Matters Most

Community-based organizations—nonprofits serving those most in need and filling the gaps in traditional healthcare services—are an essential part of the nation's public health system. Their work protects and saves lives in neighborhoods across the country every day.


Our Partners for Public Health Impact

The CDC Foundation works with community-based organizations to help build capacity to improve the health and well-being of their communities—especially those disproportionately impacted. When funding opportunities are available, requests for proposals will be posted online.


Local Support to Address Local Challenges

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic response, we provided support to hire and manage critical workforce staff, including contract tracers, case investigators, lab technicians, data scientists and epidemiologists in local organizations across the country.


Trusted Voices and Innovative Solutions

Community-based organizations find innovative solutions aligned to the unique needs of their community, serve as trusted voices in their areas and build cross-sector partnerships for the good of public health.

We support and partner with community-based organizations as they work around the clock to meet the needs of those in their communities. These highlights of our partners showcase the power of cooperation, innovation and dedication to the health and safety of our nation:

“The best way to understand what’s happening on the ground is really working with people on the ground, and community-based organizations really serve as that conduit to connecting local, state, federal, all governmental public health agencies to the communities themselves.”

Dr. Julie Morita, Executive Vice President, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

“Public health connects us all. Through phone calls, I’ve stepped into the homes of Missourians and found that we are all just trying to make it through.”

Stacy Benson, contact tracer-turned-case investigator supporting the Missouri Department of Health

“Using local messengers are not just important for my community, they’re important for every community. Proximity, for everyone, is the most relevant context for receiving information, for giving out resources and for building trust.”

Atara Young, Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation


Resources for Community-Based Organizations

The CDC Foundation is continuously developing and compiling resources for CBOs to promote health education, use prevention tools, address misinformation and facilitate access to equitable treatment and healthcare services. View the current resources.