Contagious Conversations features compelling interviews with people who are making the world safer and healthier for us all. This season, we discuss the challenges of providing medical aid in areas of conflict with Dr. Rasha Khoury of Doctors Without Borders, the role of universities and employers in preparing the public health workforce of the future with Emory’s Dr. Jim Curran, and how we are bringing diverse views together to tackle the most pressing health issues of our time with the American Public Health Association’s Dr. Georges Benjamin. And don’t miss out on the great conversations in our previous seasons! Choose any episode below to listen, download, get additional bonus content and more.


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Photo of Dr. Richard Besser: Courtesy of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Photo of Dr. Rebekah Gee: Courtesy of the Louisiana Department of Health
Photo of Carol Pandak: Courtesy of Rotary International

Photo of Maryn McKenna: David Tulis
Photo of Lex Frieden: Courtesy of Lex Frieden
Photo of Sue Desmond-Hellmann: ©Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Prashant Panjiar