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Established by Congress more than two decades ago, the CDC Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) public charity. For the eighteenth year in a row, the CDC Foundation received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. Four stars is the highest rating awarded by Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities. This rating reflects the CDC Foundation’s commitment to trust, accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility and highlights how we fulfill our mission to save and improve lives. To view our IRS listing, enter our federal tax ID number 58-2106707 using the exempt organizations select check tool. Our official name is the National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but we do business as the CDC Foundation.


In fiscal year 2023, your support created innovative programs across the globe—expanding the public health workforce in all 50 states, developing creative approaches to sharing critical health information, advancing data sharing processes and much, much more.

Donor Report FY23 | Active Programs - CDC's FY23 | IRS Form 990 FY23 | Audited Financial Statement FY23 | Report to Congress FY23


In fiscal year 2022, your support helped transform lives through critical public health initiatives—organizing hundreds of COVID-19 programs and other emergency responses, building surveillance networks for disease detection, caring for those experiencing homelessness, developing creative ways to share health messaging, evaluating antibodies to fight malaria, expanding the public health workforce, spearheading conversations around climate and health, and much more.

Donor Report FY22 | Active Programs - CDC's FY22 | IRS Form 990 FY22 | Audited Financial Statement FY22 | Report to Congress FY22


In fiscal year 2021, your support helped lifesaving public health work. We managed more than 200 COVID-19 emergency response projects and hundreds of other programs throughout the world—providing tools and mental health resources, developing an innovative solution for safe water access, supporting many community-based organizations throughout the United States, implementing a creative program to help address the opioid epidemic, organizing multiple communication campaigns and partnerships to help address vaccine and COVID-19 misinformation, and much more.

Donor Report FY21 | Active Programs - CDC's FY21 | IRS Form 990 FY21 | Audited Financial Statement FY21 | Report to Congress FY21


In fiscal year 2020, your support was critical to our COVID-19 emergency response. Your contributions also impacted hundreds of programs taking place across the globe to address health challenges—supporting maternal health, protecting children from violence, strengthening disease surveillance and data collection, and much more.

Donor Report FY20 | Active Programs - CDC's FY20 | IRS Form 990 FY20 | Audited Financial Statement FY20 | Report to Congress FY20


In fiscal year 2019, your contributions helped us advance CDC's lifesaving work—strengthening global disease surveillance, responding to our nation's opioid crisis, tackling hantavirus with Navajo Nation, and much more.

Donor Report FY19 | Active Programs - CDC's FY19 | IRS Form 990 FY19 | Audited Financial Statement FY19 | Report to Congress FY19


In fiscal year 2018, your support created innovative programs addressing our world’s most pressing public health issues, from a potentially game-changing approach to vaccine delivery to a 3-D body measurement tool that aids in getting a read on children’s health.

Donor Report FY18  | Active Programs - CDC's FY18 | IRS Form 990 FY18 | Audited Financial Statement FY18 | Report to Congress FY18


In fiscal year 2017, you helped CDC advance important work—improving health in cities across America, preventing birth defects in children, strengthening global disease networks, and much more.

Donor Report FY17 | Active Programs - CDC's FY17 | IRS Form 990 FY17 | Audited Financial Statement FY17


In fiscal year 2016, you made it possible for CDC to respond to global threats like Zika, fight antimicrobial resistance, improve the health of America’s largest cities and strengthen networks of public health leaders.

Donor Report FY16 | Active Programs - CDC's FY16 | IRS Form 990 FY16 | Audited Financial Statement FY16


In fiscal year 2015, your support helped CDC confront the largest Ebola epidemic in history—and the power of your philanthropy—saved lives in West Africa, America and around the globe.

Donor Report FY15 | Active Programs - CDC's FY15 | IRS Form 990 FY15 | Audited Financial Statement FY15


In fiscal year 2014, our work ranged from strengthening surveillance networks for vaccination campaigns in Africa to optimizing the safety of programs that focus on teen drivers in the United States.

Donor Report FY14 | IRS Form 990 FY14Audited Financial Statement FY14


In fiscal year 2013, public-private partnerships made a significant impact in helping to address urgent health priorities that protect citizens, businesses and communities in the United States and around the world.

Donor Report FY13 | IRS Form 990 FY13Audited Financial Statement FY13


In fiscal year 2012, your support helped us launch a campaign to encourage baby boomers to get a hepatitis C test, organize initiatives related to tobacco surveillance and control and continue many activities that improve human health.

Donor Report FY12IRS Form 990 FY12 | Audited Financial Statement FY12


In Fiscal Year 2011, you helped CDC make real progress in fighting global disease and death from tobacco use, malaria, pneumococcal disease, viral hepatitis, and the health consequences of large-scale disasters

Donor Report FY11IRS Form 990 FY11 | Audited Financial Statement FY11


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