Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Contributes $1M to Ebola Response

EbolaEbola continues to take a heavy toll in West Africa, where more than 1,400 of the 2,600 people infected with the disease have died. CDC now has deployed than 70 staff to the four most impacted countries—Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone—to respond to the outbreak. Today, we announced a $1 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to the CDC Foundation in support of CDC’s response efforts.

I am grateful to RWJF for their grant, which will provide flexibility to meet needs that arise on the ground in West Africa during this response. I hope, as does RWJF, that their lead gift will encourage additional support from other organizations.

Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson said, “The spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa represents a global public health crisis. We are privileged to assist CDC in its heroic efforts to contain this outbreak, and we are confident of their ability to control this scourge—provided they have the support required to do the job. Additional resources are urgently needed, and we encourage other funders to respond as well.”

I offer my profound thanks to RWJF for their support of our Global Disaster Response Fund and CDC’s response to this unprecedented outbreak of Ebola. I hope you’ll support CDC as well by making your own gift today.

Charles Stokes is president and CEO of the CDC Foundation.