Honoring Our Public Health Heroes Who Protect Us All

A hero is every public health professional in communities across America working to protect us from COVID-19 and other health threats. They are public health department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention professionals who are working around the clock. They are the public health contact tracers, epidemiologists, data analysts, microbiologists, lab technicians, health communication experts and more.

They are giving us what we need to protect our families and communities. Working tirelessly in labs. Advising our schools, businesses and communities, and protecting those at greatest risk.

We see you. We appreciate you. And we thank you.

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Please join us in showing gratitude. You can leave a note of thanks to the many public health professionals who are working behind the scenes and on the front lines—all making an incredible impact during this global pandemic.

Use this form to leave a note of thanks. You can share a general thank you message or even mention a specific group who has made an impact. Providing your full name is optional or you can just leave a first name. Messages will be curated and highlights will be shared on our website and select messages will be shared on our social media channels. Thank you for your support of our public health heroes! Together our impact is greater.

Thank You Messages

We see you and so appreciate you and all you do. Thank you.
Bucks county, PA
Thank you for the important and heroic work you all do.
Thank you for all your hard work dedication and sacrifice!
Thank you to all of you that are truly trying to help us during this pandemic. May you stay safe and keep up the good work! You are a treasure to us all!
Karen Batt
We cancer patients are so grateful for all that you do for science. Please do not stop!
Erika Hanson Brown
Denver, CO
To the outstanding professionals working at CDC and in the state and local health departments across the nation: I am grateful for each of you and the many contributions you are making in so many ways during this incredibly difficult COVID pandemic response—and beyond and before! As a former local health director, former state health director and now as an academic, I have throughout my career experienced the first hand expertise of this nation's public health workforce in preparedness and also in chronic disease prevention, women's health and environmental health! You are without parallel for your scientific expertise, your leadership and dedication! I am also privileged to serve on the CDC Foundation Board and see CDC respond as the world class team that they are!

The public leaders here in North Carolina are faithfully rising to the pandemic response every day! A big shout out for my home team!

You are all awesome and you are all my heroes!

THANK YOU! With a grateful heart!
Leah Devlin
North Carolina
You are heroes, all of you. I want to send my deepest thanks for your amazing fortitude and willingness to help others.
Santa Fe
With gratefulness from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to all doctors, nurses, pharmacists, MAs, PAs, paramedics, firefighters, & law enforcement officers!!! <3 Please stay safe!!
Shari Kaplan Witaschek
San Jose, CA.
Thank you for your compassion, hard work, dedication and commitment in keeping our communities safe and healthy. Though you are probably not thanked as often as you should be, please know that your efforts are very much appreciated. Best wishes and blessings to you always!
Bay Area, California
Thank you for your help during this trying time! You have made it possible for us to be safe while at home. Sending you love and deep appreciation!
Tacoma, Washington
Thank you for your courageous, selfless and tireless response during the COVID-19 pandemic and at other times.
Victor Belba
Boulder, CO
I just want say Thank you for all you do, & May God Bless & Protect each and everyone of you & your loved ones
Tina Skinner
Hemet, Ca
Thank you for your service and sacrifices. Stay strong!
Teresa Law
Westminster, CO
Thank you for all your hard work and persevering in the midst incredible circumstances.
Minneapolis, MN
Real heroes wear masks, not capes! Real heroes show up, care, and sacrifice for the good of all. [They do NOT deny, distract, and disparage!] MANY of us notice! MANY of us applaud you! MANY of us pray for your wellbeing as you care for our health! Thank you from the bottom of our healthy hearts!!
Virginia Beach, VA
Your sacrifice is understood and deeply appreciated. You risk your lives for strangers. That defines the only people who deserve to be proud.
Howard Winet
Berkeley, CA
Thank u all for carrying on under siege . My late husband edited MMWR for a while. He was a member of the EIS. Ironically he died from a CoVid with kidney complications. My family appreciates all that the health care people were able to do for him until he died. I have been astounded by your resilience
Carol Joseph
Forest Hills NY
My heartfelt thanks to all of you working so hard in hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, research facilities, schools, prisons, and more. No matter your role in the healthcare system, you probably didn't think you were signing up to manage a global pandemic! But that's just what you've done. You've saved lives, eased pain, and been the only human presence alongside the sick and dying—all while risking your own health and safety to do your job. Calling you "Healthcare Heroes" seems so inadequate, but that's what you are. We are forever in your debt. Thank you.
Christine Weinreich
Memphis, TN
Thank You All So So Much for Not Only the Amazing jobs that You All do....but the Huge Sacrifices you All have had to make! You are MORE THAN HEREOS.....YOU ARE SUPER HEREOS!
Long Beach, Wa
Thank you all for your dedication, your professionalism, and the very hard work you do. I have faith you will all continue to do the excellent work you’ve always done and that we all count on. Thank you!
Ruby DuBois
Thanks for your courage and hard work! These are very challenging times on so many levels. Know that all clear minded people truly support and appreciate all you do.
Steve C
Portland, ME
You are doing what most of us can't—providing assistance, comfort, research, education, care—at a crucial time in our history! Thank YOU for putting our safety first. We truly appreciate your will to keep going!
Avery Le
Atlanta, GA
Thank you so much. I really don't see how you keep going. Please be careful and take care of yourselves while you're taking care of everybody else
Fallbrook, CA
Every morning and every night I send out prayers for all who work in the medical field; from the research scientists, doctors, nurses, essential workers, EMTs—to everyone! Thank you, may you be sustained, comforted, and inspired daily for your selfless service to humanity. Blessed be.
A Feywine
South Dakota USA
I am extremely grateful these days for my dentist and hygienist, my eye doctor, and my primary care physician. They have always been there for me and, even in these very difficult times, they put themselves on the line for their patients. They show up, every time! For this I am extremely grateful.
Lee K.
Thank you for your compassion, dedication and perseverance. I know that you have saved MANY lives and greatly appreciate all that you have done to keep us safe. Thanks to all the great work you are doing for the humanity.
Everyone now understands the impact that public health can have on our daily lives. Thank you to CDC and the many public health workers throughout the world who are working 24/7 to help us through this pandemic. You are our heroes!!
Terri H.
Atlanta, GA
Thank You
Richard Romanus
YOU are the real Heroes of our country and of my heart!
Maureen Salz
Oro Valley, AZ
Thank you for your hard work and your devotion to helping our nation cope with this deadly pandemic. Please continue on your nonbiased mode to be honest with us, the American people.
Lori Silvee
Thank you for your generous support and service.
Leslie Pfost
Tacoma, Wa.
We appreciate the good, selfless work you are doing.
Although I have not been personally touched by this terrible pandemic, I truly value and honor the work you have all been doing during this stressful time. We're with you.
Judith Oppenheim
Chevy Chase MD
Thank you with all my heart.
Sending you a big virtual hug. Thanks for all you do.
Las Vegas
Thanks to all the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and scientists who are keeping us safe and protecting our future.
John Rhodes
Mt Kisco, NY
I admire your courage and dedication as soldiers at war against covid-19. You put your lives on the line to save this beautiful nation. You have inspired and motivated me to find ways of serving and saving my community... you reminded us all of our duty to fight for our communities. And you are the reason why my family and I are all safe today. I love you all. Warm hugs.
Eric Ndofor
Washington, DC
Dear sisters, brothers, friends in health care,

I know of no true hero who seeks that title, and I believe heroism is the consequence of an intersection of dire circumstances and human courage and resourcefulness. You chose a profession, a vocation, a calling that has demanded your dedication and skill, and circumstances have thrown you, and all of us, into a crisis, a dangerous opportunity. You address the danger every day, and you are the embodiment of hope, grace and love. Thank you for what you do for all of us, and bless you and those you love who are helping to bear the burdens of your colleagues, your friends and family, and your neighbors who are also your clients and patients.

In holy love,
Dr. Will Hensel
Webster, TX 77598
Thanks to all the great work you are doing for the humanity. You are our super heroes.
Pasadena, CA
Chris Wheeler
East Falmouth, MA
Thank you to our public health professionals from the bottom of my heart! I know that you saved MANY lives and greatly appreciate all that you have done to keep us safe.
Jamie Graham
You are the true heroes in this fractured nation—people who do what's right and put themselves at risk in the act, people who persevere despite personal sacrifice; people of moral character who are not seeking glory and personal credit. You are the best! You all deserve a higher place in heaven.

Steve Voiles & Polly Carlson-Voiles
Ely, MN
Thank you for your love, your loyalty, your hard work. God bless you.
Lynn Wistar
Bellevue, Wa.
I'm thanking all the Public Health Nurses and staff from the Coastal Health District in Georgia who are working so tirelessly to test for COVID while also keeping health departments open for other services. It is not easy but they are there day in and day out doing their very best for their communities.
Betty Dixon
Savannah GA
Thank you for loving Americans and serving us by using your skills to help us understand what is happening, sharing best practices for working, gathering together, and living through our everyday needs. As Americans we don’t want to be told what to do. Thanks for persevering while learning about the virus and aiding those who are sick and dying. You have made a difference and we are grateful. Thank you.
Viroqua, WI
Wow, a million thanks to the health care professionals! For all the dentists, doctors, nurses, public health officials and researchers who are studying this Pandemic, you're amazing! Also, ALL the essential workers in general! We appreciate you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mercer Island
I appreciate what you are doing. I hate it that politics is in public policy—particularly in public health! I'm sorry you have to deal with all that you are dealing with, on top of the pandemic, and in addition to some of the very needed difficult conversations that are going on in our world today about changes we need to make happen in our society. I wish more people appreciated the role of public health in making people safer, every day. Please know that you are appreciated and we are pulling for you. If everyone would just mask up, this would be at least less difficult. Thank you for your work. Please take care of yourself.
Atlanta, GA
As a former nurse myself, I can only imagine what you are going through, Thanks for hanging in there😏
Grand Rapids, Mi
Can't give enough THANKS
Many thanks to all of you; you are my personal heroes. You've served above and beyond the call of duty with consideration, thoughtfulness, dedication and love. Know you are appreciated and honored.
Oakland, CA