Honoring Our Public Health Heroes Who Protect Us All

A hero is every public health professional in communities across America working to protect us from COVID-19 and other health threats. They are public health department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention professionals who are working around the clock. They are the public health contact tracers, epidemiologists, data analysts, microbiologists, lab technicians, health communication experts and more.

They are giving us what we need to protect our families and communities. Working tirelessly in labs. Advising our schools, businesses and communities, and protecting those at greatest risk.

We see you. We appreciate you. And we thank you.

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Please join us in showing gratitude. You can leave a note of thanks to the many public health professionals who are working behind the scenes and on the front lines—all making an incredible impact during this global pandemic.

Use this form to leave a note of thanks. You can share a general thank you message or even mention a specific group who has made an impact. Providing your full name is optional or you can just leave a first name. Messages will be curated and highlights will be shared on our website and select messages will be shared on our social media channels. Thank you for your support of our public health heroes! Together our impact is greater.

Thank You Messages

Thank you so so much for all that you do and have done for all communities.
Vicky James
Frankfort, KY
Thank you, health professionals, for helping our community. I appreciate all of you. I know you're working very hard to care for us, and to help keep us healthy. Best wishes and prayers for your continued health, as well, in this pandemic.
Mary Sheets
Oklahoma City
Thank you for being so brave!
Kate Chung
Thank you so much for taking care of so many in these most difficult times.
Boulder, CO
All of you are so appreciated. Your courage and dedication mark you as true heroes.
Cynthia Merkey
Gainesville, FL
Sending gratitude and appreciation to all of our public health colleagues right now working to stop this pandemic in it's tracks. We see what a great job you're doing, behind all odds.
Vanessa Lamers
Silver Spring, MD
Thank you more than I can say for your determination and commitment to your community. You are awesome!
Susan Lee Hauser
Atlanta, Georgia
Thanks for all you do to protect us.
Sending a huge thank you to the healthcare workers, scientists, frontline workers and their leaders for working so hard to save lives and to keep Americans healthy and well.
S Franklin
Thank you for everything. You're awesome
Lynnda Oliveira
Thank you to all the leaders and the health care workers who are participating in the fight against the Covid 19. Your sacrifices are acknowledged with heart felt gratitude!
Mary Gifford
Austin, TX
What amazing work you are doing! It takes courage and fortitude. Many, many thanks.
Louisville, KY
Thanks for risking your lives to keep us healthy and safe. There are not enough words to express my appreciation. Please be safe.
Thank you for all of your hard work caring for patients and for our community . Covid 19 has certainly created huge challenges , but I think those in public health have risen to meet those challenges. Thank you for putting good science into action!
Brenda Martin
Those who staff the apolitical bureaucracies are those who protect the people and our democracy. We cannot thank you enough!
Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Goldberg
Unadilla, NY
Thank you to all the CDC, state and local public health workers for your selfless and tireless work to help us all during these perilous days. We know you have the same fears and concerns for your loved ones that we do, yet you press on to protect us all, even when you are criticized by people who just don't understand what you do and why you do it. You are the best of America. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Raymond Baxter
Oakland, CA
You take care of people, save lives, and by your work exhibit what we want to think our country is all about: caring for others and making sacrifices to do that. Unfortunately, our country is not always like that, but you continue to uphold the ideal. I am so very grateful to all of you.
Ann Goerdt
Thank you for risking your lives for our country. It is so unfair what you have had to put up with. God bless you and try to stay safe.
Robert Ciavatta
I want to thank you for all that you are doing. I am retired and worked around doctors in hospitals for 38 years. I didn’t do what you all do but had friends that did. You all are so needed and so appreciated. I hope you all stay well as I know you have some very hard days. May God Bless You and keep you safe.
Barbara Baker
Cambridge, MD
Thank you for all you are doing to keep us safe and healthy!
Carole Wilder
Owings Mills, MD
To all of you heroes we are a great Democracy because of you not politicians. So let me thank you. Thanks to all the Dr's, nurses, EMT's, firefighters, law enforcement, store workers, food suppliers, election volunteers and any other volunteers I may have missed I give you all my love, my thanks and respect. Your not just heroes but Super Heroes. Our Political leaders can learn a lot from you. God Bless one and all.
Peter Babb
San Marcos, Ca.
Sending strength and positive energy to our heroes for all they are doing each and every day! Thank you to all essential workers across the nation!
You save our lives. Thank you!
Val Baldwin
Chateaugay NY
I know several nurses and one doctor, I want all these essential works in hospitals, doctors' offices, urgent care, EMT's, all of you that are caring for the sick. You are all heroes and I thank you for all that you do. You all are the best!!! We will never forget. Don't give up, give your smile to the world but don't let the world take your smile.
Judith Rue
Havertown, PA
There are no words to express the depth of gratitude that you have done for our country. Thank you for your service and thank you for offering your lives to save others. Peace be with you.
Enormous gratitude for all that you do. You are true healers and comforters.
Joan Lisse
Thanks to everyone for everything you are doing to help people survive this terrible pandemic! I wish you could put ads on Facebook, and on Saturday & Sunday football games so people would realize that COVID-19 is NOT A HOAX !! It has or will touch every community, no matter how rural or remote. Stay strong & thanks again!
Joseph Guth
We depend on you for our lives and for the health and safety of our loved ones. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!
Paul Hohman
We appreciate all the hard work and dedication, keep up the good work.
Theresa and Gene Sull
North Carolina
Thank you for risking your lives to save ours. It’s the biggest gift you can give us. Stay well and safe.

With admiration and gratitude.
Miriam Buchsbaum
Huntingdon Valley, PA
THANK YOU for your work for us.
Gordon Zentner
Palm Springs
Thank you for all your efforts to keep our country safe. Stay strong. We believe in you and your message.
Sandra Hauss
New York
Thank you for all you do to save lives. Please protect yourself. Take care.
Agoura Hills
Thank you for risking your own welfare to serve your community.
Jim DeFrancisco
Mishawaka, IN
Thank you so much for putting yourselves on the line to protect us.
I’m sorry there are so many who disrespect you by not wearing masks. The rest of us appreciate you!
Anne Hawkins
Washington State
Thank you for keeping everyone safe from this coronavirus era.
Khalil Brathwaite
Leesburg, VA
There are no words to express what we owe you and how we love and respect you! Thank you!
Paula Zevin
New Jersey
Bless you. You are America’s greatest heroes.
Tom Calderone
New York
Thank you to all the incredibly sensational healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly around the clock to provide us with detailed, updated information that helps to keep all of us safe! I appreciate all that you do!
Gwinnett County - Georgia
Just want to say THANK YOU for your personal courage and dedication to helping to find a safe way forward for the rest of us during this difficult and scary time. Without your effort and sacrifice, it would be a longer, more treacherous journey. Our sincere thanks to you!!!
Westlake Village, CA
When we have developed serious medical issues, we are virtually helpless to help ourselves. That is when our health is put solely into your hands. And you never walk away when the condition is too serious. You wait on your patients no matter the danger. That makes you Super Heroes and the most valued people in the world. Thank you for risking your own life to take care of ours. You are a blessing from God.
Den Rieselman
Erlanger, KY
Because you work tirelessly behind the scenes, 24/7/365, to keep us safe, I applaud all of our public health workers...thank you!
Sharon Sheldon
Ann arbor, Michigan
G-d Bless
Pikesville MD
Thank you so much for all that you do to save lives during this terrible pandemic. We could never get through this without your dedication and courage.
Lucille Shifrin
Thank you to all who are working so hard during this pandemic to care for the ill and help prevent more outbreaks of this deadly virus. I am grateful for your skills, knowledge and dedication to wiping out this virus. In addition, your hard work allows us to be safe and well in our own homes. You are truly a gift to all of us. With thanks and gratitude.
Barbara Feldman
Houston, Texas
Thank you from a grateful citizen. You make a world of difference to so many of us. Thank you for your compassion and bravery.
I think about our front line heroes from all walks of life every day, and I am at a loss for words of gratitude to each and every one of them and to their families, friends and loved ones who watch them put their lives on the line for us. Thank you isn't enough.
Carolyn M
Battle Ground, WA
Keep up the good fight.
Jeffrey Rosenstock, MD/EIS '70
Thank you from my heart! You all are amazing! 💜 I wish I could hug everyone. Take care. Stay well.
Thank you for all you do to help the rest of us, especially potentially risking the safety of your families!
Sun City