Honoring Our Public Health Heroes Who Protect Us All

A hero is every public health professional in communities across America working to protect us from COVID-19 and other health threats. They are public health department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention professionals who are working around the clock. They are the public health contact tracers, epidemiologists, data analysts, microbiologists, lab technicians, health communication experts and more.

They are giving us what we need to protect our families and communities. Working tirelessly in labs. Advising our schools, businesses and communities, and protecting those at greatest risk.

We see you. We appreciate you. And we thank you.

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Please join us in showing gratitude. You can leave a note of thanks to the many public health professionals who are working behind the scenes and on the front lines—all making an incredible impact during this global pandemic.

Use this form to leave a note of thanks. You can share a general thank you message or even mention a specific group who has made an impact. Providing your full name is optional or you can just leave a first name. Messages will be curated and highlights will be shared on our website and select messages will be shared on our social media channels. Thank you for your support of our public health heroes! Together our impact is greater.

Thank You Messages

To the Environmental Health Team at the Alexandria Health Department: your work supporting our businesses and community during Covid has been totally outstanding. The ALX Promise program shows your innovation and commitment to ensuring public health and business success. I couldn’t be more proud to work with you all.
Rachel Stradling
Alexandria, Virginia
Environmental Health working in the local health districts in Virginia have been doing truly amazing work during the pandemic. They have been tasked with everything from enforcing our state mask order, to educating and enforcing Governor Northman’s Executive Orders for business sector requirements, to educating the public on the importance of social distancing and wearing face coverings. They have also been working testing drive-thru clinics and conducting contact tracing. Those of us who work in environmental health have always known how dedicated they are to public health. This pandemic has provided an opportunity for everyone to see! Thank you EH for all you do!!!
Julie Henderson
It has been only three months since I joined CDC. I am in through second deployment for COVID response. I am really very impressed with the hard work people putting in during the response. They are on their toes for dealing with this pandemic. I sincerely want to thank each one of you for working so hard and helping the nation and world. A big hug and thank you to all :)
Shilpi Jain
Atlanta, GA
Thank you for being the real heroes. It is because you that we are a little safer!
Thank you for all you do. Your work is often unseen, but the impact is huge. I hope the future holds a large platform for public health and that public health professionals are able to have an even greater voice. I couldn't think of a more important job right now.
Your work is very much appreciated. Thank you all so much!
Dear frontline public health surge staff, from case investigators to public health nurses, microbiologists and bioinformaticians, thank you for your hard work behind the scenes. This is a very trying time for our country and your dedicated work day-in and day-out is absolutely admirable. Whether you are directly caring for patients at community health centers or discovering more about the evolving virus through data and science - each of you play a pivotal role in this effort and together our impact is truly greater. Thank you, thank you.
Emily Rohman
San Francisco, California
The selfless work done by public health workers is truly amazing in this time of great risk, fear, and unknown. I am so grateful for every person who decides to step up to fight, for every moment they decide to do what's best for me and my fellow citizens. To them, it may be their job and just what they do, but to me it is a great gift they give: their selflessness. Without you workers, I would not be able to maintain the little bit of normalcy that I've been able to hold on to or know that my family and friends are cared for. There are no words that I can write that express how wonderful you all are!!
Thank you all for standing up in that front to fight on behalf of everyone us during this time.
I am so deeply grateful for your work to keep us safe and take care of everyone during this pandemic. You are appreciated by everyone. Everyone working in a health care setting is important—doctors, nurses, custodians keeping the facilities clean so that we don't get sick. Everyone is important. I especially want to thank people working 24/7 on a vaccine. Thank you again all health care workers!
Sharri Upton
Irvine, CA
We could never thank you enough for all the sacrifices that you have made for our American public. Many many thanks!!
Miriam Everette
Diamond Bar
Thank you hardly seems enough to express how proud I am of each and everyone of you!! There is a Huge Group of dedicated Men and Women out there that put there heart and soul into the work they do. If you happen to be one of those people that became a Nurse, Doctor, Health care provider, Law Enforcement Professional, or Teacher. Did I miss any one, well you know who you are. But, you are part of a chosen people that see's the needs of others and reaches out to help. Thank You, for truly making this world a better, safer place to live, to grow and thrive. That's what happens when we help some body else! Thank you, and May God Bless & Keep you Safe!
Dear front line workers, You are so brave to go to work every day and be risking your life for others. You are truly the heroes in this world. Thank you for everything you do and more!
Mary Anne Eckel
Tomball, Texas
Thank you all for all that you have done for us all!! You have sacrificed your time and life combating this awful virus. We certainly owe you.
Daniel Dahl
Paynesville, MN
Dear Health Care Workers: I can't thank you enough for your devotion and diligence in putting yourselves in harms way to help our population be healthy and safe. Thanks for both your direct care, or if you're a researcher or COVID test-giver, THANK YOU!
Big THANK YOU to Yakama Nation Public Health Nurses for their 'Great Work' for the Yakama Nation.
Lottie Sam
Toppenish, Washington
You are the truly brave and moral leaders we need to be more aware of in this country. With Deep Appreciation and Gratitude.
Rachelle Elias
Los Angeles
Thanks for all you are doing under very difficult times. Without your efforts, there is no question there would have been more deaths than there have been. We only hope that you are able to find time for you to be safe, well and are able to time for your families. Kindest regards.
Henry and Penny Feuerzeig
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Thank you for your dedication to our health. It gives us hope in a tough struggle.
Ann Worth
I applaud all our front line heroes: police, firefighters, and especially health care workers in this COVID era of major unknowns in the enemy we are fighting, Thank you and bless you all.
Sarah Huntington
Kirkland, WS
Thank you. Your awesome perseverance during these harrowing times matters. It matters more than can be described. You matter. And we are forever grateful that YOU exist. May your day be brightened by this message.
Thank you to all the public health professionals who employ science to provide services that promote wellnes and protect us every day from preventable illness, injury, and death.
Jill Lewis
Juneau, Alaska
Thank you for all you do. Your bravery and unselfishness are inspiration. We could not do this without you, thank you.
Kate Amar
Thank you to the Fremont County Public Health professionals. They have continued to work hard to protect our county through these hard times. Public health in our area has taken a hard hit and criticism from the general public and these individuals continue to show up to work every day and work hard to continue to protect us. Thank you, this is what a true hero is.
Canon City, Colorado
Thank you for your unwavering dedication and enduring commitment to protecting and saving the lives of people you will never meet and they will never know your work saved their lives. That's what heroes do.
Judy Monroe
Thank you for all that you do! You give of yourself in a most important time and I am grateful for each of you. Your work is sacred.
Randi Morgan
Sewickley, PA
Please accept my sincere thanks for the work you do, everyday!
William Smith
Thank you for for ALL of your hard work. Your continued strength, willingness to work, and compassion are admirable. I am proud of you as Americans.
Becky Thimm
Chula Vista
Thank you for being on the front lines and for keeping us safe.
Elizabeth Karen Bates
South Carolina
Thank you for your work and care.
Deborah Ebersold
West Hollywood, CA
Thanks for all that you do.
David Tilli
My sincere gratitude goes to all community health workers who work with great zeal to prevent disease and carry out disease surveillance. "Hongera"
Christopher mwima
Nairobi, Kenya
Thank you for all that you're able to do
Dianne Thurman
Houston, Texas
Thank you health care workers for working hard to keep us safe.
Christine Popowski
Minneapolis, Mn
Thank you for what you are doing to help others!
Frankie Harris
My late daughter was a nurse at the time AIDS was just beginning and everyone was so afraid to work with the first patients. I was so very proud of her and admired her courage and dedication. I feel those same feelings for every single one of you who put your life at risk every single day. May God bless and keep you safe
Faye Brown
Kalispell, MT
Thanks greatly to risk your own life daily so that others lives can be protected.
You are great. With all my appreciation.
Maurice BODA
I have numerous friends who are healthcare workers and I regard you all as incredible people of caring and compassion. Thank you, so much more than we can really convey with words, for your generosity of heart, mind and body during these trying months of COVID-19. Blessings to you all and prayers that you stay safe.
Exeter, NH
Oh, that everyone cared as much about others as you do!! Our world would be so much different, so much better ...heaven on earth. THANK YOU!! GOD BLESS YOU!! MAY YOUR EXAMPLE LEAD THE WORLD!!
Jena Janek
San Angelo, Texas
Thanks for your integrity to serve the people in need. Braving the odds despite the personal risks.
Bonnie Dawn
We cannot thank you enough for being on the front lines, fighting this virus and caring for and protecting us at your own peril. Truly, greater love has no man, and you have demonstrated your extraordinary character in everything you have done and continue to do for your friends, neighbors and countrymen. We owe you an eternal debt of gratitude.
Diane Martella
New York City
You do so much. And then you go on to insist that our health care system must be better. Thank you again and again.
Lynn Shoemaker
Whitewater, WI
You are all earth angels. There are not sufficient words to thank you.
Carol Perry
Sparks, Nevada
We really really understand what you have been through and give our strength to you, for you, along side you, to help you through your dangerous, exhausting work. I thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart. Your work is precious.
San Francisco, CA
We, the People honor all the heroes who give of themselves.
Beth Rosenblum Kessinger
Thank you so much for what you do. You are true heroes.
Joyce Champelli
Oak Park, Illinois
Thank you for all you do. Stay safe.
Sioux Henley Campbell
Metro Atlanta
The fact the work you do keeps all the rest of us functioning makes you the true heart of our world. In strength and solidarity, i salute you.
We can't do it without your dedication and help...you are the vital links to a stable society
I truly appreciate your services to our communities during this scary time. You are admired and appreciated more than you will ever know.
Trish Jackson