Honoring Our Public Health Heroes Who Protect Us All

A hero is every public health professional in communities across America working to protect us from COVID-19 and other health threats. They are public health department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention professionals who are working around the clock. They are the public health contact tracers, epidemiologists, data analysts, microbiologists, lab technicians, health communication experts and more.

They are giving us what we need to protect our families and communities. Working tirelessly in labs. Advising our schools, businesses and communities, and protecting those at greatest risk.

We see you. We appreciate you. And we thank you.

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Please join us in showing gratitude. You can leave a note of thanks to the many public health professionals who are working behind the scenes and on the front lines—all making an incredible impact during this global pandemic.

Use this form to leave a note of thanks. You can share a general thank you message or even mention a specific group who has made an impact. Providing your full name is optional or you can just leave a first name. Messages will be curated and highlights will be shared on our website and select messages will be shared on our social media channels. Thank you for your support of our public health heroes! Together our impact is greater.

Thank You Messages

Thank you so much for staying with this thing. You are true heroes.
I thank the CDC and every individual Nurse, Doctor and all Health Workers helping all Americans during this very dangerous Pandemic. Please keep taking good care of yourselves. Your response is a gift to us and I cannot thank you enough every day.
Eureka, CA
Thank you CDC for all your dedication, time, hard work and compassion. We appreciate all that you do!
Roscoe, Il
Sounds like you are doing significant, much needed work! Thank you so much for taking the reins and proceeding!
Marceline Saphian
St. Louis, Mo.
I am so grateful for the work of public health officials and the CDC, who have labored tirelessly to ensure that the public has been provided with accurate and science-based information in managing this pandemic. Your work exemplifies what it means and should continue to mean to live in a democratic society, where all people matter equally. Bless each of you for the very important work you do each and every day.
Tucson, AZ
Thank you for your hard work and dedication in keeping our communities safe. You may not hear it every day, but your hard work and sacrifice mean more to me and countless others than my words could ever express. Once again, I thank you and keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
Bay Area, California
Thanks for your dedication and hard work!
Marianne Bentley
Nashville, TN
There simply are no words that are strong enough—to thank you for your exhausting work, for your care, for your efforts to educate for the highest good. Thank you is simply not strong enough. Know it is deeply felt.
Kathy Jensen
Scotia, NY
Thank you to all Environmental Health workers in Virginia and, well, everywhere. EH is the "unknown warrior" of public health because, when we do our jobs, people can take for granted having safe water to drink, safe food to eat, and an environment protected from pathogens associated with wastewater. With the Covid-19 pandemic, EH workers do all this AND assist in myriad ways as front-line professionals assisting in clinics, enforcing executive orders, and educating citizens. If there is a Nobel prize for stepping up to the plate, I nominate the EH professionals of Virginia.
Anthony Creech
Richmond, VA
Thank you for the good work. May God bless your work .
joash ndege
Nairobi, Kenya
Not enough words to thank you during this amazing time. Keep helping us please. So grateful. God Bless
Margaret Cowan
Thank you for all you do to keep us safe each and every day. During this extremely challenging time, you show grace, dedication, commitment and perseverance. Thank you for being our heroes!
Amy T.
Marietta, GA
Thank you much.
A big thanks to my daughter Tamara for hard work and dedication to her work as a CDC social scientist. The work of you and your colleagues is appreciated! Keep up the important work you all do.
Tony Lamia
Roscoe, Il
It is heartening to be reassured that there are those whose sacrifice will bring about a cure for coronavirus. Their hard work and care are critical to finding an end to this. Thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen, for all you do.
Peggy Hanson
Nashville TN
Thank you for putting yourself on the line for all of us.
Jane Luu
Lexington, MA
I want to express sincere appreciation and gratitude to the CDC COVID-19 Task Force members who have engaged with us on the development of guidance for the summer camp, recreation and school communities. We recognize their dedicated efforts on behalf of our youth, the next generation of leaders for our country and the world. Your foresight in the prior 10 years after H1N1 pandemic has served our country well and the lessons to be learned from COVID-19 will guide the next generation of public health heroes on how to best support our country during the next global outbreak.
David Shore
Newton, MA
Thank you for all you have done!
Marcus Gottlieb
Thank you for your devotion and caring for the people of this ocuntry and hte world and your ocntinued attempts to find cures.
Somerset, NJ
Because we can't fight alone. First responders, thank you for being amazing!
Jaime Villarreal
Hidalgo County Health Department, Hidalgo County, TX
Thanks for tirelessly working to provide the best guidance to minimize the risk from Covid.
New Orleans
Thank you public health staff!!!! You all rock!!
Kim B
Racine WI
Absolute privilege to work alongside the tremendous scientists at the CDC. Trust them, listen to them, be grateful for them. I do.
Jen Bornemann
Atlanta, GA
My heartfelt admiration, gratitude and sincerest thanks goes out to the public health heroes in LENOWISCO AND Cumberland Plateau Health Districts in Southwest Virginia. Thank you for working so hard in our efforts to contain the spread of Coronavirus while continuing to provide much needed basic healthcare services. In rural areas such as these where healthcare services may be limited in some communities, you always find a way to step in and fill the gaps. I salute your work ethic, caring, and leadership!
Southwest Virginia
GRACIAS por todo lo que hacen para ayudar a otra persona con su salud. Thank you for all you do to help others with their health.
Lehti Alejandrina Laas
New York, USA
Thank you for not drawing inward during this pandemic, but rather reaching out to support those in need. It takes no small amount of courage to do so.
Los Angeles, CA
A most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all CDC employees and public healthcare workers. Your endless hours of dedication to your jobs for the health and benefit of people everywhere is appreciated more than you can possibly know. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. With gratitude.
North Carolina
No words fitting enough to express my full gratitude for what you do each day to fight COVID-19 and save lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are an inspiration and my hero!!
Rose Mitchell
Salem, Oregon
Public Health is ALWAYS working behind scenes, it's not a sexy healthcare subfield, but it is the most integral to our nation's well being as a whole. Public Health workers operationalize E Pluribus Unam; from many one: promoting and protecting the well-being of all ! THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.
I have always had the deepest respect for all health care professionals from scientists and physicians, to nurses and all medical staff because you are using your brilliant minds and hearts to improve the life of another human being. You are selfless and you are my heroes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making everyone’s life safer.
Elaine Chambers
Palo Alto, California
You picked what you wanted to do with your life, to help people. Not everyone has the ability, compassion, desire to help people. Risktakers are public health professionals who put them self on the line everyday. There are days when you go to work and you take risks such as getting sick, or bringing something home to your loved ones. Some things are beyond your control. There are days you want to leave on time and you can't because there is a person you are helping and you have to wait until your job with them is complete. Some nights you think about the person you helped or could not help. Thank you for what you do.
I want to say thank you to all the healthcare workers that are helping all of us. My grandmother and I pray for you every day.
Derrick T.
Thank you for being you ... your unselfish service to others is admirable !
Pat Smith
Thank you for all you do during this tough time!
You represent everything our country should stand for and stand by. May you always be treated with the same care and respect that you gave to others. Thank you!
Jane Scovell
New York City
The term "defending our nation" used to conjure thoughts and images of people in military uniforms. Now those words will just as strongly conjure thoughts of people wearing PPE. Your readiness to meet this challenge, and in many cases put your lives at risk to save others, is monumentally heroic. We can all rest a little easier knowing that good people like you are ready, willing, and able to protect all of us. Thank you!
Thank you CDC for all you do for us! Hard working, faithful, and knowledgeable are three words that come to mind as I think of your organization. May God bless all members!
Linda Howard
Cumming, GA
I don't have enough words of gratitude. During these difficult and often frightening times, you bring hope and determination to keep working to get to the other side. When I've been afraid to leave my house, I think of you and your courage, compassion and sacrifice to keep us as safe as possible and to be with us to the end when that is all that can be done. Please know that each and every one of you makes a difference and a contribution to getting us through these times to better days. Please be safe. We keep you and your families and loved ones in our hearts and prayers. And I commit to you to do whatever I can to keep myself and others safe; to help get us to better days. Thank you!
Constance Goldberg
Great Barrington, MA
The world is better, safer and happier because of what you do each day....Thank you
Los Angeles, Calfornia
Your selfless devotion to public well-being and your devoted care for the infected is downright inspiring! I admire and applaud you, and pray for your safety. THANK YOU ALL MASSIVELY!
Denis Tidrick
San Antonio, TX
“I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.” – William Shakespeare

You are all heroes in our eyes! Especially for stepping up during this time of vulnerability. Again, thank you.
Anchorage, Alaska
You are very much appreciated for all you do.
Thank you so much for your time and sacrifices! We appreciate all that you are doing to care for all of us! Praying you and your loved ones stay safe a healthy!
The Sinkler Family
Decatur, GA
The 70+ employees of the Kenosha County Division of Health are the HARDEST WORKING public health professionals around. They have been extremely flexible working until their brains are fried for the last 7 months, 7 days a week. They have come together as a team when all hands are needed on deck. And though tired and stressed, they keep showing up! I could not be more proud to work for this health department and all of these amazing public health heroes. Then when we were thrust into the national spotlight of the public health crisis of Racism in late August...well...we took up the torch to also fight this pandemic. Fighting tirelessly these 2 pandemics has really shown the true grit of the Kenosha County workforce. You all are amazing, and I am continuously in awe. Thank you.
Jen F.
Kenosha County, WI
Thank you God's Divine Angels of Care
Compton CA
Thank you so much for keeping us healthy.
Elizabeth Wright
San Francisco
A huge thank you to all the public health teams across the nation for your dedication and commitment to the health of our communities!!
I know it's cliche, but it's also fitting to say "Not all heroes wear capes!" Thanks so much for your service during the pandemic and help to keep America as healthy as possible during these tumultuous times.
Quinney Harris
Washington, DC
The Environmental Health Team at the Richmond City Health District, in Richmond, VA, goes above and beyond to educate and enforce the guidelines set forth by the Governor of VA regarding facial coverings and social distancing in businesses. They are an amazing, relentless team whose hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed! Thank you Richard Stewart III, Kirsten Dobson, Martin Jones, Parez Hawarry, Alexa Burnett, Erika Lorenz and Emily Patino! You are true public health professionals!
Chesna Gore
Richmond, VA
To all the Environmental Health Specialists in Chesterfield District who stepped up without hesitation into COVID-19 mitigation roles to help the community during this pandemic. EH Specialists worked in the midst of outbreaks at testing events, sometimes as incident commanders or team leaders, performed case investigation and contact tracing, managed PPE stockpile receipt, inventory, and disbursement, managed Epi databases and communication, and worked call centers and triage tables. The Environmental Health section took on new roles in an emergency with great success to protect public health!
Dennis O'Connor