Resources for Community-Based Organizations

Drawing on the Strengths of Community-Based Organizations to Crush COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is raging in the United States. Although the pandemic is taking its toll, there is much each of us can do to protect ourselves and others. Community-based organizations, which are engaged with individuals, public health partners and other stakeholders in cities, towns and neighborhoods across the country, are central to ensuring important COVID-19 prevention messages are received and acted upon as well as launching locally-focused programs to save and improve lives.

Starting in November 2020, the CDC Foundation began hosting a webinar series for community-based organizations. These webinars are designed to share perspectives to inform key community audiences as well as to galvanize the crucial work of community-based organizations.

As Thanksgiving approaches, community-based organizations will continue to play a vital role in sharing important COVID-19 prevention messages this holiday season—and we urgently need your help. As a follow-up to the CDC Foundation’s recent webinar, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lisa Waddell shares some practical steps you can take right now to help protect your community from COVID-19.

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