Webinar 7: Planning for the Child (5-11) Vaccine Rollout

Equitable Approaches and Best Practices

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When the FDA issues emergency use authorization for COVID-19 vaccines for children under 12, some parents will be eager to vaccinate their children. But according to a KFF survey, only 34% of parents say they will vaccinate their 5-11 year-old child “right away.” Alongside pediatric practices, FQHCs and school-based health centers, many CBOs are already preparing for the challenges of vaccinating children in families or communities that lack access to healthcare services, transportation, culturally-appropriate information or vaccines themselves.

For parents of children under 12, the need for trusted messengers to effectively communicate the benefits and safety of COVID-19 vaccination becomes even more important. CBOs, along with schools and medical homes, will continue to play a critical role in facilitating dialogue, as well as equitable vaccine distribution, administration and data collection. This webinar, in partnership with the Vaccine Equity Cooperative, will outline key strategies for CBOs to consider as they prepare for child vaccination efforts, including:

  • Centering on racial health equity solutions, while addressing root causes of disparities
  • Prioritizing outreach in the context of local families and communities
  • Building on existing infrastructure with an open mind and “no wrong door” approach
  • Engaging allies in the medical community, schools, health policy and private sectors
  • Resources to help community members and families make an informed decision

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