What's Next? Sustainability Wins from Community-Based Organizations COVID-19 Response

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Over the past two years, community-based organizations and workforces have worked tirelessly to ensure their communities were kept informed, safe and protected from the effects of the pandemic. From vaccines and boosters, to education and outreach, to integrating access to essential resources like mental health support and food security relief, CBOs’ unwavering efforts were crucial to both effective COVID response and supporting our communities’ well-being. Many COVID-19 response efforts were funded and supported only on a temporary basis, but in some cases, have actually reshaped long-term local collaborations and public health efforts - changing policies, resourcing and other strategies for the better.

In this webinar hosted by the CDC Foundation in partnership with Vaccine Equity Cooperative, presenters will reflect, highlight and celebrate examples of equitable and effective COVID responses, and share sustainability plans that promote the continued health and well-being of their communities moving forward, as well as:

  • Spotlight local successes and lessons learned from equity-centered approaches that ensured public health initiatives reached our most vulnerable populations
  • Revisit previous bright spot examples, their recent adaptations, and future state plans for COVID response and other public health work and collaborations
  • Create a discussion space for attendees that is both realistic and hopeful about the next part of the pandemic


  • Venus Ginés, CEO and Founder, Dia de la Mujer Latina
  • Jenna Nelson, Health Department Director, Family Service of Rhode Island
  • Kinzel Thomas, Vice President of Equity and Community Development, Family Service of Rhode Island
  • Khadija Walker-Fobbs, Chief Strategy Offcer, Judson Center
  • Marilyn Watkins, DrPH, MPH, MCHES, COVID-19 CoAg CBO Director, CDC Foundation
  • Lisa Waddell, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, CDC Foundation (moderator)


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Watch the webinar in English or Spanish: