We Can, I Can: Take Action on World Cancer Day 2017

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Sir Richard Peto Receives CDC Foundation Hero Award

For his efforts to save countless lives worldwide by uncovering the root causes of cardiovascular disease and cancer and bringing data to bear on public policies, Sir Richard Peto received the 2016 CDC Foundation Hero Award. The award presentation followed Peto’s keynote at the “Halving Global Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Rates” symposium at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Effects of Carcinogens from High Fat Diets

High-fat food
Effects of Carcinogens from High Fat Diets
United States of America
To investigate the potential effect of exposure to BP-3 in mice on susceptibility to mammary tumor development and interaction with a diet high in animal fat.
Michigan State University (National Institutes for Health)
CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health

Celebrating Cancer Survivorship: 5 Ways to Help a Colleague With Cancer

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