The Mahoney Society

Fiscal Year Report to Donors

Thank you to our donors who supported our lifesaving work. The CDC Foundation board of directors created The Margaret Ellerbe Mahoney Society in 1998 to honor Ms. Mahoney for her service to the board and her vital support of Foundation initiatives since its inception. Widely respected in philanthropic circles as the “Grande Dame” of philanthropy, she devoted her career to working with philanthropies focused on health, education, arts and the humanities. She worked in key roles at the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Commonwealth Fund. Ms. Mahoney was a strong advocate of the CDC Foundation until her passing in 2011. The Margaret Ellerbe Mahoney Society recognizes leadership donors who have given $1,000 or more in gifts or in-kind services during the year. Learn more about the benefits of joining the Mahoney Society.

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  Contributor of five or more consecutive years

$50,000 and above

Mr. Doug Baughman
Mary Beitner
The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg, MBA
Ludo Boinnard
Meagan Campion
Carolyn and Chuck Miller Charitable Fund
Elaine and John Chambers
Elizabeth S. Thompson Fund
Fast Tempos & Odd Time Signatures
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Robin Fox
Virginia Fulton
Grace Pen Gifting Fund
Gregory Welch and Ann Lewnes Charitable Fund
Matthew Haag
Ms. Lyda Hill
The Horacio and Cinthia Rozanski Family Fund
Josh Jenkins-Robbins
The Jenkins-Robbins Fund
The Joshua 24:15 Fund
Mary Cowen Beitner Giving Fund
Carolyn Miller
The Mitchell and Roslyn Barash Family Fund
Rick and Nancy Moskovitz
Stephen Paboojian
Grace Pen
Connie Rakoske
Rakoske Family Fund
Kathryn Ramsdell
Erik and Melinda Reed
Rick and Nancy Moskovitz Foundation
Robert and Doris Sasser Charitable Fund
Robert C. and Robin Fox Fund
Cinthia and Horacio Rozanski
William Sargent
Susan B. Sasser
Steve Simms
Stephen Paboojian's Charitable Fund
Xiaoping Su
Thomas Touchett
Touchett Family Foundation
The Victor Parachini Family Fund
Virginia Fulton Charitable Gift Fund
Gregory Welch


Erik Abrahamson
Abrahamson Family Fund
Mr. Topaz Adizes
AJG Fund
Dr. Neil Allen
Amy F. Judd and William L. Paly Charitable Trust
The Andersen Family Charitable Foundation
Antler Fund
Frank Armo
Megan Asmar
Steve Austin
Jeff Bader
Bader Family Fund
Bala Giving Fund
Barry Margolin Fund
Barry Solomon Charitable Trust
Robert Bertch
Bertch Family Fund
Bigglesworth Fund
Cliff Blaker
Blaker Family Fund
Lawrence Blaskopf
Blaskopf Family Fund
Arthur and Janice Block
Bob Braudes
Braudes Family Fund
Jon Britton
Britton Family Fund
Bruce & Cannon Campbell Charitable Fund
Carol Brull
Luca Cafiero
Caitlin Smallwood Giving
Carol Brull Charitable Trust
Caroline Markfield Fund
Carolyn and Reuben Slone Charitable Fund
Genie Christiansen
Christiansen Family Charitable Fund
The Christopher Evans Donor Advised Fund
CJB Foundation Fund
CNBD Sharing Fund
Mr. Gary Cohen
Margaret Coleman
Cooper-Kelley Charitable Fund
Matthew Coulter and Jesse Kay
Craig Heberton IV & Marla S. Persky Trust
Francis Crosson and Dr. Sharon Levine
The Crosson-Levine Charitable Fund
Michael Dahlin
Dahlin Family Fund
Mark Davidow
Dazzler Foundation
Leah M. Devlin, DDS, MPH
Dianne M. Peterson Giving Fund
George Divine
Helen Doppelt
Doppelt Family Fund
Bill Doty