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Fiscal Year Report to Donors

Thank you for being a part of the CDC Foundation's critical, lifesaving work. Together, we are creating healthy communities. We celebrate you, our donors and the impact of our public health partners, who are making a difference across the globe.

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236,270 donors gave through Facebook, making a total of 257,484 donations. The donations ranged from $.01 to $25,000. Through these gifts, $8,556,528.83 supported the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund and the Area of Greatest Need.


Anonymous (972)
Sy Aal
Dr. Pamela Aaltonen
Kimberly Aamodt
Rochelle Aaranson
Bill Aaron
Liane and Bryan Aaron
Marjorie Aaron
Wayne Aaron
Aaron & Kathleen Weinberg MD Family Giving Fund
Aaron and Marilyn Kaufman Charitable Fund
Dakarai Aarons
Aarons Family Giving Fund
Barry and Susan Aaronson
Dr. Bruce Aaronson
Rebecca Aaronson
Aasha Patel Charitable Gift Fund
Bonita Aaze
Amir Abbasi
Rania Abbasi
Diane Abbitt
Don Abbott
Doug Abbott
Lawrence Abbott
Susan L. Abbott
Eman Abdel-Latif
Hayat Abdulkerim
Derek Abel
Barbara Abel Reiser
Abel-Mendelsohn Family Fund
Christina Abell
Arthur Abella
Barry Abelson
Benjamin Abelson
Iris Abelson
Joanne Abelson
Joel Abelson
Cathy Abelson Lipshutz
Claire Abenante
Anne Aber
Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Karen Aber, EIS '72
Thomas Abernethy
Dr. Lauren E. Abes
Marshall and Stephanie Abes
Bradley Abeson
Sara Abiusi
Michael Abkowitz
Gregory Ablavsky
Bryan Ableson
Patrick Abner
Dalia Abo Sheasha
Cappy Abraham
Don Abraham
Don and Keren Abraham
Meera Abraham
Nancy Abraham
Reshma Abraham
Sonia Abraham
Stacy Abraham
Stu Abraham
Vineet Abraham
Mark Abrahams
Nicole Abrahamson
Klas Abrahamsson
Mike Abram
Debra Abramovitz
Louis Abramovitz
Joel W. Abramowitz, MD
Michael Abramowitz
Nancy S. Abramowitz
Seth Abramowitz
Adrienne Abrams
Bea Abrams
Charles and Susan Abrams
Dale Abrams and Elliot Fishman
Dan Abrams
Jan Abrams
Jennifer Abrams
Joanna Abrams
Karen Abrams
Ken Abrams
Linda Abrams
Marjorie Abrams
Neil Abrams
Robin Abrams
Dr. Thomas Abrams
Tove H. Abrams
Abrams Family Fund
Frank and Barb Abramson
Gayle Abramson
Lollie Abramson
Marla Abramson
Morton Abramson
Rebecca Abramson
Trevor Abramson
Zachary Abramson
Anthony Abreu
Christina Abruzzini
Jennifer Abt