Vital Support for Zika Response Provided by Pfizer and Pfizer Foundation Contributions

The Zika outbreak continues to evolve rapidly, with the number of locally transmitted cases in the continental United States continuing to rise. To support efforts to stem the outbreak, the CDC Foundation today announced a $1 million donation from the Pfizer Foundation in funding for the comprehensive Zika response. Additionally, in-kind donations of up to 170,000 doses of injectable reversible contraceptive product from Pfizer have been provided for the Zika Contraception Access Network (Z-CAN) in Puerto Rico. In addition to donations of products and funding from multiple partners, this donation will provide essential support against this growing health threat for women who choose to delay or avoid pregnancy.

These donations to the CDC Foundation support the emergency response to the Zika outbreak, including the recently announced Z-CAN effort now in operation in Puerto Rico. For Z-CAN, there is close coordination with the Puerto Rico Department of Health, the Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration and relevant federal agencies to provide women in Puerto Rico with a full range of reversible contraceptive methods for women to choose from free of charge on the same day of their healthcare service.

With Zika virus and pregnancy, there are several primary prevention strategies, including eliminating mosquitoes in the environment, mosquito bite prevention and protecting pregnant women from sexual transmission of the Zika virus. However, an effective and safe strategy is providing access to contraception as a means of reducing Zika-related pregnancy complications in women who want to delay or avoid pregnancy during the Zika outbreak.

“The generous support of Pfizer and the Pfizer Foundation is vitally important to help combat the devastating effects of the Zika outbreak,” said Judith A. Monroe, M.D., president and CEO of the CDC Foundation. “We can do so much more working together to help prevent Zika from affecting more families.”

“A challenge like Zika requires every organization to bring forward their resources and expertise to manage health risks that exist for people in affected areas of the country,” said Sally Susman, executive vice president, corporate affairs, Pfizer Inc. “We welcome the opportunity to partner with the CDC Foundation and healthcare professionals to address today’s health needs while work continues to identify longer-term solutions.”

The CDC Foundation activated its emergency response funds in February 2016 to assist CDC during the Zika response, as needed. Individual or business contributions to the CDC Foundation’s response funds can be made on the CDC Foundation’s website ( To discuss giving opportunities or an in-kind donation, contact Laura Angel at For the latest Zika guidance and educational materials, visit