Together, We Can Stop Zika

Together, We Can Stop Zika

We are learning more every day about Zika virus. What we are discovering is disturbing, particularly for pregnant women. We know it causes debilitating birth defects like microcephaly in unborn babies. But there is still a lot we don’t know. To respond to this crisis, CDC is operating at its highest level of emergency response.

“Never before have we had a mosquito-borne infection that can cause serious birth defects on a large scale. There is an urgent need to learn more and do more—and all of us have a role to play.” – CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden

Together, we must combat the unknowns surrounding Zika to prevent it from spreading. The CDC Foundation has stepped in to fill the gaps and provide immediate resources for CDC. Now we need your help. We urge you to join the CDC Foundation in fighting the Zika virus at home and abroad. We are grateful for partners and individuals who have already provided crucial support, but there is so much more funding needed from donors like you.

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CDC’s Regular Funding Isn’t Enough to Respond

As Zika evolves and spreads, $35 million in flexible funding is urgently needed to help CDC act swiftly. Your support will support CDC priorities such as:

  • Providing the full range of effective contraception methods currently available for women of childbearing age in Puerto Rico who want to avoid or delay pregnancy
  • Boosting vector control efforts, in particular mosquito prevention in homes in Puerto Rico
  • Equipping labs and healthcare providers with diagnostic technologies and other key tools to detect and treat the virus quickly
  • Developing education and communication campaigns targeted toward Zika prevention
  • Sharing travelers’ health messaging and marketing

The CDC Foundation’s rapid response funds enable CDC to respond immediately to changing and unpredictable circumstances and needs. In the past, these funds provided critical support for CDC in response to many crisis situations, including the West Africa Ebola response, Haiti earthquake, Southern Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

Now, we ask you to join with us to protect people who are at most risk for Zika.Your gift is needed to help CDC keep us all healthy, safe and secure.

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CDC Foundation Announcements

CDC Foundation and Partners Launch Zika Contraception Access Network (Z-CAN) for Women in Puerto Rico | 8.25.2016

Comprehensive Zika Prevention Campaign Launches in Puerto Rico | 8.1.2016

CDC Foundation Brings Together Partners with CDC to Provide Contraceptive Options for Women in Puerto Rico | 5.31.2016

Bayer Donations Help Provide Zika Protection for Women, Including Greater Access to Contraceptive Options and Improved Mosquito Control | 5.26.2016

Zika Risk Communication, Community Engagement Focus of New Prevention Efforts by CDC, CDC Foundation, PAHO in U.S. Territories and the Americas | 5.19.2016

CDC Foundation Partners with CDC and Others to Provide Zika Prevention Kits to Pregnant Women in U.S. Territories | 3.7.2016

CDC Foundation Activates Domestic and Global Emergency Response Funds to Extend CDC's Response to Zika Virus  | 2.10.2016


Donor Announcements

The Maker of Trojan™ Brand Condoms Partners with the CDC Foundation to Provide Condom Donation to Help Reduce the Threat of Zika | 5.24.2016

Walgreens Collaborates with CDC and CDC Foundation on Zika Virus Education and Prevention in Puerto Rico | 3.7.2016