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Contact Tracers Essential in Fight to Stop Ebola

Contact tracing—finding anyone who may have had contact with a person suspected of having a disease—is essential in stopping the spread of Ebola. But make no mistake, it is difficult work, both physically and emotionally. However, there are moments of reward that come with the challenges.

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Looking for Solutions When Your Worst Fears Are Confirmed

Sometimes things just don’t add up. James Bangura who was working on a Lassa Fever project in Sierra Leone confronted such a moment last April.

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Seeing Progress on the Ground in West Africa: In Sierra Leone

Today our team left Guinea and headed to Sierra Leone, the second stop on our trip to West Africa. In recent months, the Ebola epidemic has heated up in Sierra Leone with a spike in the number of cases. Public health workers here are working diligently to turn the tide of the epidemic.

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