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Sierra Leone Vaccine Trial Highlights Public-Private Partnership Value

The response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa provides one of the most poignant illustrations of how the private sector can help CDC rapidly extend its life-saving work.

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The Value of Public Health Protection: Healthy Nation 2030

The first full week of April each year is National Public Health Week. An initiative of the American Public Health Association for nearly 20 years, National Public Health Week aims to raise awareness of important public health protection initiatives and achievements. This year, the theme of the week is Healthy Nation 2030: a goal of creating the healthiest nation in one generation.

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Ending Ebola: Challenges and Triumphs in West Africa

This week marks the one year anniversary of the first Ebola cases to be identified in West Africa. During the outbreak, which evolved into an epidemic, more than 10,300 people have died and nearly 25,000 have been infected with Ebola. However, much has been accomplished since the epidemic surged in the fall of 2014.  

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