New Ways to Partner with the CDC Foundation

The CDC Foundation helps the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pursue innovative ideas that would not be possible without the support of our partners and donors. We match the speed and flexibility of private resources with CDC’s world-class programming and expansive public health infrastructure. Working together we can create greater impact than any of us can do alone. Through our new website, you are now able to support areas of our work that focus on critical health priorities. This approach to giving helps us pull together resources to tackle the most pressing issues. Learn more about the new areas that you can support:

Fighting Global ThreatsFighting Global Threats: Make a difference in global health security by helping ensure other countries can stop health threats around the world before they reach the United States. In today’s interconnected world, a health threat anywhere is a health threat everywhere. Global health threats like Ebola, Zika and influenza have a direct impact on Americans’ health, safety and security, and more is needed to be prepared.

Developing Disease FightersDeveloping Disease Fighters: Join with the CDC Foundation to support important learning experiences that inspire future generations of health leaders to protect us all. The United States is experiencing a public health workforce crisis, with some estimates indicating that 250,000 more public health workers will be needed by 2020 to maintain public health capacity. On the global front, today we face a severe worldwide shortage of skilled disease detectives trained to find and stop health threats in a world where the next outbreak is only a plane ride away.

Safeguarding Americans' HealthSafeguarding Americans’ Health: Help CDC protect Americans from chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and stroke, injuries, birth defects, and additional health threats that affect communities. These diseases and conditions are among the most common, costly and preventable health challenges in America. Other issues affecting Americans include environmental hazards, injuries and violence, vaccine-preventable diseases, healthcare-associated infections, sickle cell disease, birth defects and maternal and child health.

Responding to EmergenciesResponding to Emergencies: Your gift to the Emergency Response Fund provides CDC with immediate, flexible resources to combat domestic and international outbreaks, pandemics, disasters and other threats. As America’s health protection agency, CDC is prepared to rapidly deploy disease detectives, lifesaving vaccines and medicines and other crucial support during a health emergency at home or abroad. This fund supports a wide variety of critical activities that are required in the moment by CDC to help stem a crisis.

In addition to these health priorities, you can also give where your gift is needed most or partner with us on a specific priority or named or endowed fund in areas that support critical global and domestic health challenges.

We invite you to explore these new pages on our site and read more about the greatest needs and how you or your organization can partner with us:

Alison Thompson, MPA, is the associate vice president for advancement for the CDC Foundation.