Making Motherhood Safer

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it is a time to celebrate the mothers in your life. Many mothers in the United States have access to a well-equipped healthcare facility to give birth, but sadly, this resource is not available to mothers in other parts of the world. In rural western Kenya for instance, only 40% of pregnant women deliver their children in a healthcare facility.

In Kenya, 7,700 women die each year from complications caused by pregnancy and childbirth despite the fact that almost 90 percent of these are preventable. The leading causes of maternal death in Kenya are from obstetric complications such as severe bleeding, obstructed labor and indirect causes such as AIDS/HIV, malaria and TB, which are aggravated during pregnancy.

Healthcare providers and community health workers often do not have access to adequate supplies and equipment needed for a safe delivery due to funding gaps. You can help make a difference for mothers in Kenya this Mother’s Day. Your gift of $15 to the CDC Foundation's Safe Delivery in Kenya program will help CDC and its partners provide transportation to a healthcare facility for expecting mothers and ensure that women giving birth in a facility or at home have access to a safe delivery kit and blood supply. 

CDC-Kenya works with healthcare providers and community health workers to help ensure that both mothers and newborns are protected from infections and complications during delivery. Make a gift today to help CDC ensure safe delivery for mothers in Kenya.

Claire Stinson is a senior communications officer for the CDC Foundation.