Robert Litterman, PhD

Robert Litterman, PhD, is a founding partner of Kepos Capital, a New York City-based investment firm and chairman of the Kepos Capital Risk Committee. As an economist and risk management professional, Litterman spent the majority of his career at Goldman Sachs & Co., where he served in research, risk management, investments and thought leadership roles. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Litterman was an assistant vice president in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, as well as an assistant professor in the Economics Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Litterman serves on a number of boards including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Ceres, World Wildlife Fund, Woodwell Climate Research Center, the Climate Leadership Council, the Niskanen Center, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and the Climate-related Financial Risk Advisory Committee (CFRAC) of the Financial Stability Oversight Council.