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From water shortages to health effects of the evolving climate and everything in between, the CDC Foundation is helping lead the fight for better health. With support from friends like you, we’re bringing together partners worldwide to address growing threats to our families and communities near and far. And many exciting developments are underway to help improve and save lives.

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Shaping Effective Responses for Under-Resourced Communities

All across America there are communities that are under-resourced and under-prepared to address the health effects from our changing climate. Support for communities to develop and implement evidence-based climate health strategies is critical to prevent and respond to local health effects. The CDC Foundation has built a network of over 300 community-based organizations that provide us with increased opportunities to align with local public health needs and shape effective responses. With your support, the CDC Foundation can assist with capacity-building activities for communities, supporting them as they address the effects of climate change on their health.

Transforming the Healthcare System for Climate Change and Health

The United States healthcare system accounts for nearly five percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and 10 percent of global Gross Domestic Product, a measure of the total economic output produced within the country. With capacity to drive change, the sector has great potential to lead in the global response to climate change while also better serving communities through public health partnerships. In collaboration with Health Care Without Harm, the CDC Foundation is working to develop partnerships, strategies and tools to increase the healthcare system’s ability to respond to the health effects of climate change while reducing its own environmental impact.

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