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The rapidly evolving health care system is reshaping the training and development needs of today’s health professionals. The shift from volume to value requires addressing underlying causes of illness. Health and Well-Being for All is an innovative and compelling way to explore the potential root causes of illness—the social determinants of health—with health and health care professionals at all stages of professional development.

The Health and Well-Being for All meeting-in-a-box provides everything needed to explore the determinants underlying health problems faced by patients and communities. This hands-on tool simulates a 6-step process for leading change to improve the community’s health. It incorporates a big-picture visual with supporting materials, including data cards, group dialogue exercises, and facilitator tips to identify and engage collaborators. See our Tips page for advice on using the materials and our Resources page to help you prepare to host your own Health and Well-Being for All event. Download the Health and Well-Being for All fact sheet to share information about the tool with participants or others interested in learning more about the experience. Watch and listen to the official launch webinar, which features the tool, describes its use, and also includes a special excerpt from Dr. Rochelle Dicker, the inspiration behind the gang violence module, who will discuss the tool’s applicability to other health issues.

In this video students comment about their experience using the Health and Well-Being for All Meeting-in-a-box. > WATCH NOW

“Hands on, active learning that makes social determinants of health come alive.”

– Justine Strand de Oliveira, DrPH, PA-C
Vice Chair for Education, Duke Family Medicine

“You really couldn’t have made it simpler to use this as an off-the-shelf training resource!”

– Becka DeSmidt, Community Manager, Open School
Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Health and Well-Being for All originated with materials created for The CDC Experience Applied Epidemiology
Fellowship for medical students, funded by Pfizer External Medical Affairs, Inc. through a grant to the CDC Foundation.