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CDC’s commitment to protecting U.S. workers’ safety, health and well-being benefits businesses, employees, their families and the economy. Learn more about best practices to build a safer, healthier workplace from CDC expert Dr. L. Casey Chosewood, Director of CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Office for Total Worker Health and Dr. Pamela Hymel, Chief Medical Officer for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is a segment of the Walt Disney Company and is responsible for theme parks, resorts, cruise lines, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club.

Dr. ChosewoodWalt Disney Parks and Resorts asks
NIOSH’s Dr. Chosewood



Dr. HymelNIOSH asks Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ Dr. Hymel


What are CDC’s top priorities in worker safety and health?

What is NIOSH doing to address the risks related to the changing nature of work, shifting workforce demographics and diversity, evolving employment patterns, and the changing workplace environment?

What are some first steps an organization can take to improve the safety and health of its workers?

What are some ways the private and public sector can work together to address the changing nature of work and its impact on worker well-being?

How can private-sector businesses and corporations connect with NIOSH to address issues relevant to the changing employment relationship?

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What are Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ top priorities in workforce safety and health?

How does Disney support an organizational culture of safety and health?

What are some of your biggest successes when it comes to the health and safety of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts workforce?

What factors do you consider when evaluating programs for a safer, healthier workforce?

What kind of information from CDC is helpful to you in protecting your workforce and promoting an organizational culture of health and safety?

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