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Learn more about best employer practices and policies to keep workers safe on the road from CDC expert Dr. Stephanie Pratt, Director of CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Center for Motor Vehicle Safety, and Dane Bremer, Director of Corporate Safety and Global Business Continuity for Liberty Mutual, a diversified global insurer with operations in 30 countries. Bremer also serves as board chair for the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, an organization that is dedicated to improving the safety of employees, their families and the community by preventing traffic crashes that occur both on and off the job.

Dr. Stephanie PrattLiberty Mutual asks
NIOSH’s Dr. Stephanie Pratt



Dane BremerNIOSH asks Liberty Mutual’s Dane Bremer


Why is it important for businesses to have policies and programs to prevent motor vehicle crashes at work?

What can employers do to keep business travelers working abroad from being involved in a motor vehicle crash?

What do you see as the most important emerging topics for research and policy related to motor vehicle safety at work?

How can businesses work with NIOSH to help prevent motor vehicle crashes on the job?

What strategies does NIOSH use to move its motor vehicle research results into the workplace?

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Based on your organization’s research and experience, what strategies for promoting road safety in the workplace would you recommend to other organizations?

Many organizations employ different types of drivers: professional drivers of commercial motor vehicles, sales and service drivers of light vehicles and occasional on-the-job drivers. How might an organization manage road safety differently for these groups of workers?

How can private-sector businesses and corporations help promote road safety for workers’ families and communities?

How does Liberty Mutual engage with other businesses to help promote road safety on and off the job?

What kind of information from CDC is helpful to you in keeping your own workforce safe on the road and to helping the businesses you insure to do the same?

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