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Sometimes, months of planning go into an international business trip. At other times, the trip is last-minute, based on business priorities. Productive, cost-effective business travel is important, but both travelers and employers may not be aware of some of the risks involved or how to prepare for them. Companies like Citi, a bank that does business in more than 160 countries, have robust programs in place to help keep their employees healthy and safe, and rely on CDC for up-to-date information and support. Here, Citi’s Corporate Medical Director, Dr. Lori Zimmerman, talks with CDC’s Travelers’ Health Branch Chief Dr. Gary Brunette about how the two organizations work to ensure healthy people and healthy commerce.

Dr. BrunetteCiti Asks
CDC’s Dr. Gary Brunette



Dr. ZimmermanCDC Asks
Citi’s Dr. Lori Zimmerman


How can the private sector best leverage CDC data/resources for health/prevention programs/initiatives?

How does CDC communicate with the private sector to protect employees living in and traveling to high-risk areas?

What is CDC doing to enhance global disease detection capabilities to help the private sector prepare for emerging/novel infections? 

What are CDC health priorities/initiatives that provide an opportunity for private sector partnership?

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  What issues are of most concern to the business travelers in your company? 

What does your team do to help prepare colleagues for travel abroad? 

What happens if a traveler has an accident or gets seriously ill? How does Citi prepare for this type of scenario?

What does your team do to help employees who have returned home ill from traveling abroad? 

How do you keep tabs on the various issues affecting health in all the different places you do business?

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