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For many businesses, international travel plays a critical role in the success of the organization. But with millions of Americans traveling internationally for work, the direct and indirect costs of business travel-related illnesses and injuries can be significant. Beyond health care expenses, there may be costs for evacuation, trip cancellation and rebooking fees, as well as lost productivity.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers comprehensive travelers’ health information and advice that help protect U.S. citizens and businesses from diseases and other health risks abroad. In addition to delivering a wide variety of travel resources—including destination-specific information and mobile apps—CDC also works with global partners to prevent avoidable catastrophes, detect and communicate threats early and mobilize effective responses to contain outbreaks, especially those that can spread rapidly through travel.

For example, diseases like MERS and measles can travel as fast as a plane can fly. Malaria is easily spread through mosquito bites in affected areas. Food and water contaminants can lead to prolonged illness. And road-related crashes are the number-one killer of healthy international travelers.

In today’s interconnected economy, travel is an essential part of doing business. In this issue of Business Pulse, you’ll learn from CDC about how to prepare for various health risks and benefit from productive, healthy business activities abroad.

Published June 2014