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What is one of America’s largest healthcare providers doing to assure high standards of care? And how is CDC supporting these efforts? In this Business Pulse, we check in with Dr. Jonathan Perlin, president of Clinical Services and chief medical officer of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), and Dr. Michael Bell, deputy director of CDC’s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion.

Dr BellHCA Asks
CDC’s Dr. Michael Bell



PerlinCDC Asks
HCA’s Dr. Jonathan Perlin


What is CDC doing to positively impact U.S. businesses and improve the safety of the healthcare system? 

Are there specific public-private partnerships that are moving healthcare forward?

What is the importance of data for disease prevention? And what is CDC doing with its data?


How can private-sector businesses and corporations connect with CDC?

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How has HCA tackled improving quality across its facilities?

What are some partnerships that have been essential to the way you do business?

The REDUCE MRSA study is a great example of HCA putting what it has learned to work. Tell us about other initiatives at HCA. What about the growing threat of antibiotic resistance?

What are the biggest challenges you face as the leader of clinical services with responsibility for improving performance?

What role can businesses play in increasing employee awareness about safe healthcare practices and infection prevention?

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