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Keeping your workforce safe and healthy is critical to maximizing employee well-being, as well as improving business productivity and financial performance. Lincoln Industries, a mid-sized manufacturing company based in Nebraska, is just one example of how U.S. employers of all sizes are working with CDC to protect and promote workers’ health and safety.

Learn more from CDC experts and business leaders as they discuss best practices to cultivate a culture of workplace health and safety. Vice President of People Resources at Lincoln Industries Dan Krick talks with CDC Team Lead for Workplace Health Programs Jason Lang, M.P.H., M.S.

Jason LangLincoln Industries Asks
CDC’s Jason Lang



Dr. KrickCDC Asks Lincoln
 Dan Krick


How can CDC help employers start a worksite health program? What type of partnership might exist for private sector employers?

Does CDC have top health priorities for the American workforce?

Many companies don’t know where to start when creating a worksite health program. If an employer doesn’t have any population health data for its employees, does CDC have any resources to help identify the most common health risks?

What type of worksite health programs does CDC offer its employees?

What advantages do employers have in helping their employees lead healthy lifestyles?

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What advice would you give to a small- to mid-size employer interested in establishing a worksite health program? What are some strategies that work for you?

How does a smaller employer like Lincoln Industries search for and find collaborators and community organizations to partner with when developing worksite health programs?

When you began your worksite health program, what challenges did you face when seeking full engagement and buy-in from Lincoln’s leadership?

How does Lincoln Industries leverage leadership engagement to attract and keep employees in its worksite health program?

During U.S. economic downturns, such as the recent five-year recession, how difficult is it for a small businesses to justify investments in workplace health interventions?

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