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Science and history prove that the potential for a globally-connected business to be severely impacted by an infectious disease is, unfortunately, very real. So how does a company of more than 300,000 employees worldwide protect its people and operations? Dr. Ken Grossman, associate corporate medical director for GE, turns to CDC for critical updates and resources. In this Business Pulse, Grossman and Dr. Jordan Tappero, director of CDC’s Division of Global Health Protection, discuss CDC’s role in protecting global commerce.

Dr. TapperoGE Asks
CDC’s Dr. Jordan Tappero



Dr. GrossmanCDC Asks
GE’s Dr. Ken Grossman


How does CDC help other countries prepare for, and respond to, threats that impact global health security? 

How are CDC and other organizations working together to ensure a safer, healthier world?

What keeps you up at night—and how can we all work to mitigate it?


What steps can businesses take to protect their employees around the globe?

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If another SARS-like outbreak were to occur, what impact would it have on GE’s global footprint?

How does GE prepare for emerging global health threats?

How do you monitor health and safety status in the countries where you do business?

From a logistics standpoint, how does GE protect employees who are immediately threatened by an outbreak?

What kind of information from CDC is helpful to you in protecting employee health?

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