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American businesses face complex health challenges ranging from the threat of an influenza pandemic that could cost the U.S. economy $100 to $250 billion, to health threats like Zika virus and natural disasters that cost lives and cause economic disruption. The globalization of business trade and travel underscores the need to accelerate progress toward a world safe from disease threats. Closer to home, foodborne illnesses affect more than 48 million Americans each year, which can impact employers’ productivity and healthcare costs.

U.S. employers rely on CDC scientists and health experts for guidance and solutions that can improve workers’ health while boosting productivity. From flu shots and travel apps to up-to-date guidance about public health threats like Zika and multi-state foodborne outbreaks, CDC contributes to keeping U.S. businesses and workers healthy and safe.

In this issue of Business Pulse, explore five ways CDC helps protect the health of your business, including emergency preparedness, food safety, travelers’ health, global health security and flu preparedness.