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CDC offers valuable information and resources aimed at helping both large and small businesses prepare for and respond to emergencies, including public health issues arising from scenarios as diverse as a natural disaster, chemical attack or pandemic flu. Below are relevant links to help businesses connect to CDC’s life-saving work and resources.

Flu and Pandemic

Flu resources for business

CDC's Seasonal flu toolkit for business - Web Version 

CDC's Seasonal flu toolkit for business - PDF Version

Business pandemic influenza planning checklist for domestic businesses

Pandemic preparedness planning for U.S. business with overseas operations


CDC Hazard Workers CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response

CDC’s role in emergencies

CDC emergency preparedness for business—management and planning guides

Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR) website

CDC Emergency Website to monitor


mli Community Emergency Preparedness and Response

Meta-Leadership Summit Resource Center

Promising examples of FEMA Whole Community



CDC Health Healthcare Emergency Preparedness and Response

Healthcare Preparedness




CDC States Business Tools and Sign Ups

Health Alert Network

CDC clinician outreach and communication activity

CDC Outbreak Website to monitor

Sign up for CDC business health executive quarterly calls

CDC Public Health Preparedness and Response partnerships website

Personal preparedness infographics

Closed Point Of Dispensing (POD) video

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CDC lab Additional Information

Additional CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response resources and publications

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website