Working Together To Keep Our Communities Healthy

In the past month and a half, we have seen a massive surge of coronavirus cases in the United States, which has more known cases of COVID-19 than any other nation. The CDC Foundation is committed to ensuring that public health agencies and officials are equipped to communicate important information about this global pandemic and help individuals understand steps they can take to address this public health emergency and slow the spread of the virus throughout the United States.

Our public health leaders in our communities are our most valuable partners in reaching individuals locally. We need the help of these individuals and agencies to ensure every individual in the United States has access to the information they need regarding this global pandemic and the resources available to them. 

We are pleased to provide a toolkit for public health agencies and officials, with free resources available for download, distribution and use on communications channels. All materials are customizable as needed. Social assets are available as ready-to-use JPEG files sized for various social platforms, and in Power Point format. Many assets are available in both English and Spanish.

Available resources include:

  • Social media static graphics. These graphics include general messaging about staying home and other steps to prevent transmission. There are also graphics with information about essential businesses, mental health, school closures, symptoms, testing and unemployment. 
  • Social media animations. These animated PSA videos include information about the importance of staying home, how to social distance, what shelter in place means, and how the virus puts everyone at risk.


We will continue to create new materials that respond to evolving needs and will update the resources available, so please check this link frequently for new materials that may be useful.  I want to thank GMMB, a social cause communications firm, for developing these resources.

As the nation joins together to combat this virus, the work of our public health officials on the frontlines matters more than ever. The tremendous impact they will have during this pandemic cannot be understated. Thank you to all of our public health agencies and officials for your courage and efforts to keep Americans safe.

Dr. Judy Monroe
Judy Monroe, MD, is president and CEO of the CDC Foundation.