Recovery Following Record Hurricane Season Continues

Last year’s hurricane season was one for the record books with devastating destruction in portions of the continental United States and the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI).

While hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria roared through rapidly, their damage lives on—and much work remains in the recovery. Since the storms, CDC and the CDC Foundation have worked with departments of health in the states and territories to meet certain immediate needs where federal funding is not available as well as discuss longer-term solutions to address public health infrastructure challenges.

For these efforts, the CDC Foundation has raised support through generous donations from individuals, corporations and philanthropies. You can read more about what is underway in this article.

In the continental United States, the CDC Foundation purchased initial supplies used to develop mold prevention kits to address harmful mold issues in homes and buildings. In addition, the CDC Foundation early in the response purchased and sent supplies, such as food, batteries and generators, to assist CDC’s Puerto Rico based staff so that they could help stabilize their own situations and then aid in the response.

Another example of the CDC Foundation’s initial work in Puerto Rico includes covering the costs for lab samples to be shipped from the island to the mainland for testing of dangerous diseases. These tests could not be completed in Puerto Rico because of damage to their lab infrastructure. In USVI, the CDC Foundation has supported several important health communication efforts there with the aim of helping people learn how to navigate health challenges in the wake of the storms.

Looking ahead, the CDC Foundation is in discussions to assist both territories in additional ways to address long-term needs with the aim of strengthening public health systems going forward.

None of this response effort is possible without the generous support of donors, like you. Please join with us and others who have already given to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors. Give Now.

Photos: Michael Johansson

Pierce Nelson is the vice president for communications for the CDC Foundation.