Op-Ed: Beat Back Ebola through Stronger Collaboration, Action and Infrastructure

Judy Monroe, MD, CEO of the CDC Foundation, authored an op-ed in InsideSources emphasizing the need for stronger collaboration, action and infrastructure in beating back Ebola. In the op-ed, Dr. Monroe reflects on her recent travel to West Africa and the progress being made in the countries impacted by the last Ebola epidemic. Dr. Monroe remains hopeful that the recent outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) can be contained, and emphasizes the importance of system strengthening to prepare and equip affected countries to respond to disease outbreaks. 

She says, “The investments in West Africa have demonstrated measurable improvement, and we are very proud of the diligent work of colleagues in these countries. But the progress and gains we have witnessed will be lost if investments are not continued by government, philanthropy and the private sector.”

The op-ed also highlights the importance of stopping outbreaks at the source to enhance global health security. “Infectious, deadly diseases such as Ebola do not recognize or respect borders.”

The recent outbreak of Ebola in the DRC has infected 2,831 and caused 1,892 deaths according to the World Health Organization. The outbreak is being reported as the second largest outbreak in world history. 

Busola Saka
Busola Saka is the communications director for the CDC Foundation.