Honoring A Career Dedicated to Health

Last week, our team at the CDC Foundation was excited to see Dr. Judy Monroe, our president and CEO, receive a MAC Heroes of Global Health award from the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of her commitment to health in Atlanta, America and around the globe. Dr. Monroe was presented the award at the Bill Foege Global Health Awards ceremony, hosted by MAP International.

The awards are named for Dr. Bill Foege, a public health hero, former CDC director and leader in the fight to eradicate smallpox, the only disease ever to have been eradicated. At the event, Ambassador Andrew Young, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and philanthropist and media mogul Ted Turner were honored with a Bill Foege Global Health Award from MAP International. Also receiving a MAC Heroes of Global Health Award was Emory University's Dr. Dennis Liotta, discoverer of many novel therapeutics, including those used in the treatment of HIV and Hepatitis C.

In her acceptance remarks, Dr. Monroe acknowledged the contributions of so many global health heroes in Atlanta. “Atlanta is fortunate to be home to CDC,” she said. “The agency is a national treasure and the 911 for the world when it comes to public health emergencies. Thanks to all of my CDC colleagues for your tireless work and for all you’ve taught me.” She also congratulated CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield, who accepted the award on behalf of the agency, for his leadership of CDC.

Dr. Monroe also recognized our CDC Foundation staff and board of directors and noted, “we have a wonderful team and great things are always accomplished through teams.”

In closing, Dr. Monroe paid tribute to the City of Atlanta, which she has called home since 2010. “I came to Atlanta to be part of CDC, which I knew was important to the health of the world. Leading an Atlanta nonprofit has given me a great appreciation for the critical importance of Atlanta universities, businesses and nonprofits in global health.”

Thank you to the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce for presenting Dr. Monroe with this honor. We are so proud to call her our president.

Dr. Judy Monroe and CDC Foundation staff

(above) Dr. Judy Monroe with CDC Foundation staff


Pierce Nelson is the vice president for communications for the CDC Foundation.