Give Today to Help People Recovering from Hurricane Harvey

By now you no doubt have seen the devastating images from the Gulf Coast floods left in Hurricane Harvey’s wake—the rescues, the stories and the faces of those impacted by the storm. I imagine someone you saw reminds you of a person you know, perhaps your grandparent, spouse, child or a friend. You can make a difference in these individuals’ lives, and the lives of thousands of others, by supporting the CDC Foundation’s emergency response efforts with the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC).

Today the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund is focused on addressing serious health hazards that are now coming to the forefront following Hurricane Harvey. The fund will extend CDC’s response, providing essential materials and vital assistance as frontline experts work with partners to address community health needs and public health infrastructure in the storm’s aftermath. The fund offers you a unique way to improve life for affected individuals and communities, providing immediate, flexible resources to CDC experts who are on the ground and working with national, state and local officials on issues like:

  • General and medical shelter surveillance for infectious disease outbreaks
  • Public health messages and risk communication
  • Water, sanitation and safety evaluations for food and water
  • Mold abatement
  • Industrial contamination (HAZMAT) mitigation/abatement
  • Mosquito management from standing water

While CDC has government funds for some of this work, federal dollars, even during emergencies, are tied to restrictions and purchasing procedures that can limit CDC’s ability to act quickly. Your donation to the CDC Foundation can make an important, immediate difference for CDC and its partners who are working on the frontlines in Harvey’s aftermath.

Your support is critical to fill gaps and provide flexible, immediate resources to CDC experts in times of crisis. Nowhere is the power of collaboration more visible than when preparing for and responding to emergencies. Together with you, we can pair private resources with the CDC Foundation’s speed and flexibility to jumpstart the work of CDC’s world-class scientists and responders.

People on the Gulf Coast have a monumental task ahead of them as they face the difficult challenges of recovery. While the unprecedented rains from the storm have cleared, the health risks these citizens face are far from over. The actions each of us take right now have the potential to shape history and impact the lives and health of the people in the Gulf Coast for generations to come.

While Harvey dealt a strong blow to Texas, there are ways you can help. I urge you to take action now by making a donation that will help save and improve lives for so many communities in the weeks, months and years to come. Together our impact is greater.

Judy Monroe, MD, is president and CEO of the CDC Foundation.