Contagious Conversations Season Four: Stories Showcase the Drive to Save and Improve Lives

Have you ever wondered how to provide medical aid to women in areas of instability and conflict? Or how we can prepare the next generation of a public health workforce? These are some of the topics discussed in Season 4 of the CDC Foundation’s podcast, Contagious Conversations, released today.

The fourth season of Contagious Conversations features in-depth discussions with individuals who are preparing for the health challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Dr. Rasha Khoury, a physician in the Bronx, New York, with a focus on global maternal health, shares her experiences with Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian organization that provides medical aid around the globe where it's most needed.
  • Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, discusses our nation's health and how public health has changed over time. He also shares insights on how disparities impact health, how data informs decisions and how we can bring many diverse views together to tackle the most pressing health challenges of our time.
  • Dr. Jim Curran, dean and professor of epidemiology at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and co-director of the Emory Center for AIDS Research, discusses our nation's needs for the next generation of the public health workforce and how our universities, associations and employers are preparing individuals to meet those demands. Dr. Curran also discusses his work at CDC during the very early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, how far the world has come since that challenging time and the road to eliminate the disease.

As a host of the podcast, I enjoyed hearing the stories of each guest and learning about their interesting and diverse backgrounds and career paths. I also appreciate the insights they shared and how collectively they are working individually and within their respective organizations to tackle the health challenges of today and tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy Season 4, and take a moment to learn more about Contagious Conversations. You can also subscribe or download on Apple or Google Podcasts or your favorite podcasting app.

Photo of Pierce Nelson
Pierce Nelson is the vice president for communications for the CDC Foundation.