CDC Yellow Book: A Vital Resource for International Travelers

CDC Yellow BookInternational travel is a way for our world to stay connected and learn about the many amazing cultures that make our world a beautiful place. However, with the globalization of travel and trade, dangerous pathogens that arise anywhere in the world are just a plane ride away. For both international travelers and the health professionals who care for them, CDC Health Information for International Travel (more commonly known as the Yellow Book) is the definitive guide to staying healthy and safe anywhere in the world. The Yellow Book is produced every two years, and is published through a unique collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the CDC Foundation and Oxford University Press. 

Written by a team of CDC experts on the forefront of travel medicine, the Yellow Book provides a user-friendly, vital resource for those in the business of keeping travelers healthy abroad. 

The 2020 edition serves as the U.S. government’s most current health guidelines and information for international travelers, including pre-travel vaccine recommendations and easy-to-reference maps, tables and charts.

CDC's Yellow Book (Health Information for International Travel) is published every two years as a resource for health professionals providing care to international travelers. The 2020 Yellow Book includes important travel medicine updates, such as:

  • Recommendations for providing travel health care remotely via telemedicine;
  • Discussion of legal issues facing clinicians providing travel health care;
  • Cutting-edge rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases;
  • Introduction of new FDA-approved antimalarial drugs;
  • Road traffic safety advice for travelers; and 
  • Recommendations for treating infectious diseases in the face of increasing antimicrobial resistance.

Learn more about the 2020 edition of the Yellow Book on CDC’s website. Order the 2020 edition online through Oxford University Press here.

Claire Stinson is a communications officer for the CDC Foundation.