CDC Foundation Launches Global Tobacco Surveillance System Academy Website

Tobacco use remains the leading preventable cause of death in the world. Increasing the implementation and use of data is central to enhancing global capacity for tobacco prevention and control strategies. To help build this capacity, the CDC Foundation is proud to launch a new global tobacco control website, the Global Tobacco Surveillance System (GTSS) Academy.

GTSS Academy features data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s GTSSData which includes two tobacco-related surveys conducted around the world—the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) and the Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS).

Through GTSS Academy, tobacco control partners, researchers and students have access to these data and other GTSS-related materials to foster increased accessibility and availability of tobacco surveillance data and resources.

Key features of the site include:

  •  Data visualization including charts and graphs for GATS and GYTS data
  •  Resources including GTSS tools, manuals and protocols
  •  Stories from nine high-burden tobacco use countries utilizing GTSS data
  •  Community platform to engage in tobacco control dialogue

GTSS Academy is a dynamic site, where new tools, trainings and resources will be added on a continuous basis to enhance the user experience and address the needs of the global community working on tobacco control. Most notably, a data analysis tool to compare global tobacco control data by country is under development and will serve as a valuable resource for this community. You can explore GTSS Academy and discover its exciting features here.

Financial support for GTSS Academy was provided by the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use through the CDC Foundation with a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies. We thank Bloomberg Philanthropies for their support of GTSS Academy and their commitment to working with partners to reduce tobacco use across the globe.

Natalie Bishop
Natalie Bishop, MPH, is a program officer for the CDC Foundation.