10 Episodes of Contagious Conversations: Check Out Season 3

Who are the advocates behind the Flint, Michigan, water crisis? How has West Africa recovered from the Ebola crisis and prepared itself for future health threats? How is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) working with partners to eliminate HIV? These are some of the topics discussed in Season 3 of the CDC Foundation’s podcast, Contagious Conversations. Today’s launch marks 10 episodes of conversations with inspiring leaders who are making an impact around the globe.

The third season of Contagious Conversations features in-depth discussions with individuals who are working on solutions to some of the world’s toughest health challenges. In the latest season…

You will hear Dr. Robert Redfield, director of CDC, share his thoughts on how we can eliminate HIV in the United States by 2030, why opioid disorder is the public health crisis of our time and what it’s like to work with a team that puts science and data into action in the name of public service.

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha shares how she became an advocate for the people of Flint during the water crisis and discusses the challenges related to the disparate burden of lead exposure and other environmental contaminants that are impacting our nation’s children.

You will also hear from Dr. Michael McGinnis who discusses his role as an epidemiologist on a team that worked on eradicating smallpox, including the time he had to commission an elephant for his team to access a hard-to-reach area. He also shares more about his work related to causes of death in the United States and prevention efforts to address disease threats.

And as an extra episode this season, our President and CEO Dr. Judy Monroe shares some amazing stories and insight after a recent trip to West Africa where she had the opportunity to meet Ebola survivors and many individuals who are making an impact on global health. She also met another Judy, so you will want to hear about their exchange!

As the producer of Contagious Conversations, my role is a mix of strategy and project management, some content creation and editing, lots of outreach and promotion and a bit of audio engineering. But the best part of my role is being the first one to hear the amazing stories and pivotal moments from those who we are interviewing. I learn something each time, and I look forward to sharing each episode with you. We hope you enjoy Season 3!

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In the photo above, Contagious Conversations Host Claire Stinson interviews CDC's Dr. Robert Redfield.

Terri Heyns, MA, is the associate vice president for communications for the CDC Foundation.