Welcome to Dr. Judy Monroe, New CDC Foundation President and CEO

The CDC Foundation team is pleased to welcome our new President and CEO Judith Monroe, MD, FAAFP, who joins the CDC Foundation today. Judy’s leadership of the CDC Foundation builds on her career in healthcare and public health, including the past six years leading the Office for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Today we posted a video, featuring Judy and our retired President and CEO Charlie Stokes. This brief feature will introduce you to Judy and provide insights into her background and the work of the CDC Foundation to help CDC do more, faster. Watch Video:

In discussing the opportunity to lead the CDC Foundation, Judy in the video said “You hear a lot about health challenges, and I will tell you they are real. But through technology and innovation and through the public-private vehicle to be able to advance these innovations, we have a real opportunity to take on these challenges head on. I’m excited about joining the CDC Foundation and continuing to work with CDC and all of our partners around the world.”

And we’re excited about Judy joining us. To keep up with what’s happening at the CDC Foundation, we invite you to follow us and Judy @DrJudyMonroe on Twitter.

Alan Harrison is the vice president for administration for the CDC Foundation.