The 2024 Annual Fund Drive to Save Lives Ends March 31

The Matching Gift ends March 31. Don’t miss this opportunity to double your impact.

Your Gift Today DOUBLES to Protect and Save Lives

The 2024 Annual Fund Drive to Save Lives is one of the CDC Foundation’s most important fundraising campaigns of the year. That’s because it provides critical funding for innovative projects and initiatives in the fight against threats to public health. And thanks to a Matching Gift from a generous supporter, your donation today will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $25,000, for twice the impact.

Because we are an independent nonprofit organization, individual contributions from caring people like you are crucial to keeping lifesaving breakthroughs moving forward. We need your help to maximize the Matching Gift by March 31! So, please make your generous gift today. Thank you for your support!

Your Support Makes a Lifesaving Difference

The CDC Foundation is the go-to nonprofit supporting and amplifying public health efforts that save lives around the world. And with your support today, you’ll partner with us to advance vital projects, such as our effort targeted at antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Despite tremendous advances in the development of antibiotics in the 20th century, germs like bacteria and fungi continue to develop the ability to defeat these medicines, leaving us vulnerable to deadly diseases. In response to the unique challenges of AMR, we’re supporting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to focus on five key areas:

  1. Tracking and data—Sharing data and improving data collection to stay ahead of antibiotic resistance.

  2. Infection prevention and control—Preventing infections and reducing the spread of germs.

  3. Antibiotic use—Improving the use of antibiotics and ensuring access.

  4. Environment and sanitation—Keeping antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant threats from entering the environment.

  5. Vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics—Ensuring their access for better prevention, treatment and detection.

Critical initiatives such as this are made possible through the generous support of friends like you. And it’s just one of the more than 1,390 life-changing projects we’ve launched in our 29 years. Thank you for standing with us to protect and save lives!


“Antimicrobial resistance threatens the very core of modern medicine and the sustainability of an effective, global public health response to the enduring threat from infectious diseases. By funding research in this critical area, we can help to ensure the development of new treatments and strategies to combat this growing threat.”

—Sarah Morgan, Program Officer, CDC Foundation

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