Afghan Evacuee Relief

Your Urgent Support is Needed for Afghan Evacuee Relief

As the United States has withdrawn from Afghanistan and evacuees have left the country, the CDC Foundation is activating our Emergency Response Fund to meet the immediate public health needs of those individuals and families coming to America. Among the most pressing needs is connecting Afghanistan evacuees with public health networks to facilitate communication about COVID-19 testing and follow-up vaccinations and serve as a connection point for other essential health and resettlement services as these evacuees begin their lives in the United States.

Urgent: Give Now to Support the Afghan Evacuee Emergency Response Fund

In August 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) joined the U.S. government’s evacuation of U.S. and Afghan nationals from Afghanistan, supporting the broader U.S. government response. CDC requested the CDC Foundation activate our Emergency Response Fund to accelerate the public health components of the mission.

While some in-kind donations are needed, the most urgent need is funding so that we can respond rapidly to evolving needs. The CDC Foundation is deploying funding to provide cell phones and basic supplies to help ensure these individuals and families receive access to resources and other essential care. Cell phones will be provided to evacuees and will serve as a reliable, direct and critical connection between individuals, families and public health authorities who can then provide evacuees with essential health and resettlement resources, information on recommended follow-up for vaccinations and access to COVID-19 testing. The phones can also be used to share vital public health alerts and messaging.

For more information on how you can partner with the CDC Foundation, please contact Advancement at the CDC Foundation at or 404.653.0790.