The Mahoney Society

Fiscal Year Report to Donors

Thank you to our donors who supported our lifesaving work. The CDC Foundation board of directors created The Margaret Ellerbe Mahoney Society in 1998 to honor Ms. Mahoney for her service to the board and her vital support of Foundation initiatives since its inception. Widely respected in philanthropic circles as the “Grande Dame” of philanthropy, she devoted her career to working with philanthropies focused on health, education, arts and the humanities. She worked in key roles at the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Commonwealth Fund. Ms. Mahoney was a strong advocate of the CDC Foundation until her passing in 2011. The Margaret Ellerbe Mahoney Society recognizes leadership donors who have given $1,000 or more in gifts or in-kind services during the year. Learn more about the benefits of joining the Mahoney Society.

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  Contributor of five or more consecutive years

Champions ($10,000+)

Brooks Bell / The Bell Lipson Impact Fund
Viktor and Marit Bovbjerg
Gail H. Cassell, PhD / Ralph and Gail Cassell Charitable Fund
Elaine and John Chambers / The Chambers Family Foundation
Bindu Chopra
Mario Ciabarra
Mr. Gary Cohen / Gary and Lori Cohen Charitable Fund
David E. Dassey, MD
Dr. Leah Devlin
Peter Drotman, MD, MPH, EIS '79 and Carolyn Arakaki
The Estate of Craig White
The Estate of Joyce L. Griffith
Samantha Garbus and Bryan Robinson / S. Garbus Fund
Mr. W. Barrett Howell II / The Howell Fund
Individual Contributor (2)
Ruth J. Katz, JD, MPH / Ruth J. Katz Charitable Fund
Mr. Philip I. Kent / Philip I. Kent Charitable Fund
Mr. Charles H. and Mrs. Margaret R. McTier / Special Fund No. 9
Mr. Michael Melneck
Drs. Judith A. Monroe and Robert M. Lubitz / Lubitz / Monroe Charitable Fund
Marguerite Pappaioanou, DVM, PhD, EIS '83
Frederic Elijah Shaw, MD, JD, EIS '83 and Judy K. Kruger, PhD, MS, EIS '01 / Shaw Charitable Fund
Dr. Richard Vogt, EIS '77 and Ms. Suzanne Clark / Vogt Family Fund
Ross Waller / Huebner Waller Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Wilson / The Wilson Family Foundation
Mr. Robert A. Yellowlees / Yellowlees Family Fund

Ambassadors ($5,000-$9,999)

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Aldridge
Rob and Joan Blackman / Robert and Joan Blackman Family Foundation / Robert and Joan Blackman Family Foundation
Ms. Laura H. Boland
Drs. Hong-Gen Chen and Ke Wu / Green Mountain Foundation
Phil and Laura Croft
E. Horrigan
Individual Contributor (3)
Kristen J. Kanack / Kristen J. Kanack Fund
Mr. David R. Kotok
Li Family Giving Fund
Bernadette Loftus / Dr. Marty McKenzie Memorial Charitable Fund
Evelyn Vinduska McKnight, AuD and Thomas A. McKnight, MD
Dr. T. Alex McKnight
Gary R. Noble, MD, MPH, EIS '65
Robert Peirson / Peirson Giving Fund
Richard Philips and Joann Tucker Philips / Richard & Joann T. Philips Charitable Fund
David Satcher, MD, PhD
Joan H. Schott
Steven Sperber, MD
Oz Nelson^ and Ann Starr / Nelson Family Foundation
Soo Hwan Suh
The Waterman and Glicksteen Families / Waterman Family Giving Fund
Tom J. Zimmerman / Zimmerman Giving Fund

Accelerators ($2,500-$4,999)

Wanda D. Barfield, MD, MPH, EIS '00
Faye T. Bresler, MD, MPH, EIS '91 / The Jack and Beulah Bresler Tzedakah Fund
Michael and Margaret Butler / Butler Giving Fund
David and Lisa Carabetta / Class Act Fund
Dr. Robert T. Chen, EIS '84
Lawrence and Lois Deckelbaum / Larry and Lois Deckelbaum Charitable Fund
Dr. Tony DeLucia
Ms. Rachael Lynn Edwards
Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, MBA and Karin B. Fielding
Susan Griswold / Griswold Giving Fund
Mr. Jeff F. Herring / Jeff F. Herring Foundation
Richard E. Hoffman, MD, MPH, EIS '78 and Molly Hoffman
Individual Contributor
Lorraine Kumpf / Lorraine E. Kumpf Giving Account
Eugene Lin
James Marks, MD, MPH, EIS '76 and Judith Marks / Marks Family Fund
John E. McGowan Jr., MD, EIS '69 and Linda Kay McGowan
Mr. Bernard J. Milano / Pierson Milano Family Fund
Sheri Moores
David Novello and Marcia Sprague / Novello & Sprague Charitable Giving Fund
Robert and Terri Patterson / Patterson Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Trudi Richardson
Dr. C. G. and Mrs. Julie W. Sevastopoulos / C. G. and Julie W. Sevastopoulos Giving Fund
Maria Thacker Goethe
Susan C. Trock, DVM, EIS '87 and Kay Wheeler
Lisa F. Waddell, MD, MPH
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Wright
Susan Young

Advocates ($1,000-$2,499)

Dr. Pamela M. Aaltonen
Daniel and Elizabeth Abbas
Shaik Sher Ali
Sean Allen and Jaime Marino
Janet B. Arrowsmith, MD, EIS '84
Dionicio Avila
Jason Bau
Raymond J. Baxter, PhD
Vanessa Benavides and Sheila Bryant
Mrs. Paula M. Berger / Paula and George Berger Charitable Fund
Neal Bhadkamkar / Odile Disch-Bhadkamkar and Neal A. Bhadkamkar Charitable Fund
Dr. Gus Birkhead, EIS '85
Richard and Sandra Bowers
Katharine and Alan Bremer / Kathy and Alan Bremer Charitable Fund
Carol Brull / Carol Brull Charitable Trust
Russell F. and Sally K. Burmester
Hanna B. Burruss
Richard and Sharon Campolucci
Kathryn Carovano
Dr. Shilpa P. Chetty and Mr. Iyanrick John
Chickpea Giving Account
Danny Chon
Stephen Cochi, MD, MPH, EIS '82 and Jane Skvarich