Memorial Gifts

Fiscal Year 2019 Report to Contributors

In memory of Thomas A. Bartenfeld III, PhD*
Ms. Sue Lin Yee

In memory of Philip S. Brachman, MD, EIS '54
Joel I. Ward, MD, EIS '76

In memory of Ivy Durant
Tonji M. Durant, PhD, EIS '97

In memory of Mr. Javier Garza
Alvaro Garza, , MD, MPH, EIS '84

In memory of Ms. Sophia Goldberg
Mr. Alexander Goldberg

In memory of Mr. Zachary Halpin
Mrs. Melissa Rodgers

In memory of Charles A. Herron, MD, EIS '71
Fatima Foy

In memory of Mr. Robert A. Keegan
Mrs. Laura Croft
Ms. Nancy Fasano
Stephen L. Cochi, MD, MPH, EIS '82*
Ms. Anne-Reneé Heningburg
Ms. Cathleen Jacobson
Ms. Linda DeWaay
Ms. Julie Taylor

In memory of Dr. Ken Leeper
Dr. Denise Cardo*

In memory of Sarah Luna
Dr. Patricia M. Griffin, EIS '85*
Mrs. Danielle Clayton
Ms. Amanda Burrage
Mrs. Kathleen Brontsema
Dr. Wendy Geil

In memory of Mr. Joseph M. and Mrs. Elizabeth H. McKinney
Dr. W. Paul McKinney, EIS '81

In memory of Mr. John Manning
Ms. Alanna Moorer
Ms. Odalis Cynthia Alvarez

In memory of Mr. Harry Marsocci
Ms. Brianna Marsocci

In memory of Louise Martin, DVM, EIS '85
Gregg C. Sylvester, EIS '90

In memory of Ms. Paula Nelson
Wendy Nelson, EIS '85

In memory of Gina M. Pugliese
Omaha Community Foundation

In memory of Stephen B. Thacker, MD, MSc, USPHS, EIS ’76
Mrs. Maria Thacker Goethe
Mrs. Luz Fortes Thacker

In memory of Kathy Seiber, MS, RS, PHPS '11
Dr. Joseph Perz*

In memory of Stephen Thacker
Kim A. Cook, EIS '94

*  CDC employee at the time of donation

Donor for 5 or more yearsContributor of five or more consecutive years

^  Deceased